“Zootopia”, 6th most grossing movie in the

“Zootopia”, and according to others “Zootropolis”,is an animated movie.

Zootpoia is not just an animated movie. It’s the 6thmost grossing movie in the world, reaching $1,023,784,195! Achieving: 8/10 onIMDb, ¾ on Roger Elbert, 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and 94% of Google Users(including myself) have liked this movie and uploaded our like on the Zootopiapage, after typing “Zootopia” on the search engine. It is safe to say thatamongst the millions of movies made in the world animated or not, this one’smerits doesn’t go unnoticed.The movie’s name derives from two words, “Zoo”and “Topia”.

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A “Zoo” in English is a place or establishment which containsanimals of people’s interest and of wide varieties, where certain “Zoos” canalso hold specific animals as well. “Topia” is a Greek word that refers to aplace with certain things in it and is a suffix. Utopia, is a place whereeverything is perfect, and dystopia is its counterpart. Zootopia, wouldliterally mean a place for animals. The movie was made in: Walt Disney AnimationStudios, located in: Burbank, California, United States of America. Some peopleto keep in mind of the making of this film are the following: Ginnifer Goodwin(the voice actor of the main protagonist), Jason Baterman (The Voice actor fora very key actor), Shakira (although not playing a major part of the movie is afamous singer and features in this movie’s leading song).  Starting off with a little rabbit: Judy Hopps,and her two parents are living in a world where animals would hunt down prey,is known as history.

Judy Hopps is a bunny rabbit with the ambition of becomingan officer to enforce the law. Since her family lives in the countryside, sheneeds to move to Zootopia to continue her training. Along this particularjourney, there are animals who don’t believe in her success and that carries onin the training that she goes through, where the other animals make fun of herand don’t believe animals like Bunny Rabbits don’t have the capability of beingan actual cop. Along her way, she finds out about a mastermind on the streetscalled, “Nick Wilde” that eventually leads to becoming Officer Judy Hopp’s all-timepartner. During her time in Zootopia, she finds that animalsare getting worked up to become out of control and therefore hurting others.

She thinks that it could be because animals that were once big predators werestarting to return to the state of having to hunt other animals, and afterbeing renowned as to being one of the biggest heroes of the city, she makes agrave mistake at a conference that makes all, “Predator” animals a big threatand are driven out of Zootopia. Finally, after realizing that animals wereunder the control of a certain drug that makes them go crazy, she gathers thewill to stop the threat. She goes to find out that there are a lot of peoplethat shouldn’t have been trusted, and that in the end… even a criminal couldmake a great cop. Zootopia incorporates a lot of great things agreat movie should have: Comedy: Suspense, (a very slight dash of romance),action and close calls and a good plot twist or two.  The crew were very lucky and very smart toemploy and make use of Shakira as the lead singer of the leading song of themovie.

Yet a lot of what made the movie so great was the usage of generalmusic. For this, call upon: Michael Giacchino. Born in New Jersey, United States of America on10th of October 1967. Like his credits and effort, his passion for film-makingstarted at a very early age (10 to be exact) and knew that his passion thattruly made his future worth so much he is a composer of so many countless amountsof songs for so many movies and here are just a few movie titles that he workedin: “Star Wars: Rogue One”, “Ratatouille”, “UP (from Disney)”, “Spiderman:Homecoming”, “War for the Planet of the Apes”, “The Incredibles”, the recentlyand very new, “Coco” and of course, “Zootopia”. 


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