“Young compare their issues with others also.

“Young adults’ experiences ofseeking online information about diabetes and mental health in the age ofsocial media” This database talks about how the internet is a primary source ofhealth information for many. The study focuses on people with mental healthissues and with people with Type 1 diabetes.

The interview was conducted onyoung adults between the ages of 18 – 30. The study explored themes aroundinformation seeking and content consumption practices. All the participantsaccessed online resources to find information about their health condition.Most participants discussed their online findings as fact finding for theirmotives for their search. Although most of the participants used the internetto fact find, some participants use the internet to find other people likethemselves with similar health conditions.

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There is a diversity of resourcesdrawn when seeking information online. The internet has helped them make differentstrategies to the same problems other people like them have. Having the socialmedia has made compare their issues with others also. Overall having socialmedia has helped them in many ways.             Theinternet serves a good purpose for people with mental health disorders anddiabetes. It helps them not feel so alone and know that there are people withother problems just like them. Also, serving a way to cope with certainproblems that they all mutually have.

These participants in this research showhow they are appreciative of different forms of health knowledge from differentsources. I have learned that many of these people with mental health disordersand Diabetes both share a long-term health problem. More opportunities areincreasing for health communication and interventions through the internet. Theinternet provides different strategies for assessing reliability and relevanceof individual resources.

 Overall I havelearned that the internet is a powerful tool for people with these healthconditions. Providing people with not only a deeper understanding of how todeal and cope with what they have, but also helping them realize that there issomeone just like you dealing with the same thing and asking and questioningthe same thing they are. The internet also is serving them a way to communicateand reach out with others, while also being able to look more into theircondition.

            Thisstudy highlights how social media technology is enacted by young adult’sexperiences of information seeking in relation to their personal health issues.Going online for them was either fact finding or gaining insights into othersexperiences of similar issues they have. The internet served as an onlineresource for whenever offline support was not available to them. A lot of theparticipants in this study use the internet for self-management strategies forthemselves. The internet providing supportive interactions for people withdiabetes and mental health issues.



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