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You all must be familiar with the term call center? Yes, you are. This is the place customers call when they have issues, complaints, or queries regarding a product or a service. But, do you know what an inbound call center is? Have you heard about outbound call center?Well, don’t panic. We are going to tell the difference.

An inbound call center is premises where professionals address the calls made by customers to your company. These calls are taken care by an inbound call center you outsource to. It may also be possible that you have an in-house call center, but, in this blog, we are going to discuss an inbound call center and its types. Yes, there is more than one kind of inbound call centers that are helping businesses to handle their customers efficiently. On the other hand, an outbound call center is a workplace, which handles the sales and marketing of a business.

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For now, we will stick to inbound call center services and its application. Let’s start:Kind of Inbound Call Centers:1.     Technical Support ServicesThis support service is usually outsourced by organizations that deal in promoting some kind of hardware such as desktop, laptop, mobile, tablets and allied.

Also termed as ‘help desk services, this service is used to offer support to customers of companies selling products that require assistance after the purchase. An outsourcing tech support service is outsourced generally by OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or hardware makers, but in some instances, software firms also prefer to use it. Software companies utilize this help desk service for their web-based application, utility software, and so on. 2.     Sales – InboundInbound sale is the concept of transforming a prospect (who makes a call for a business enquiry) into a loyal customer for your business. Experts also see inbound sales as an add-on to the telemarketing services.

Obviously, this inbound sales is meant to improve the overall revenue generation for your business. Typically, inbound sales are offered in three different kinds:ü  Up selling: This refers to the concept when a customer calls in to find some information on the product or service and you make an attempt to sell him/her a higher or much expensive plan than what they already have. Telemarketing companies find this concept as an asset for their sales cycle.ü  Cross selling: This is a concept when customers call in to inquire about a product/service and you sell a product or service related to what they already have. Cross selling is quite popular for selling additional services along with the products. ü  Acquisition: In cross and up-selling the customers make the call and then the rest happens. In customer acquisition, the call is made by an individual who is not your customer.

This call have been made because that individual may have seen your company’s website or social networking profile and thus called in for more information. So, it’s your job to disseminate the knowledge about products and service to the caller with the goal to convert him/her into a paying customer. 3.     Booking OrdersThis is simply booking the orders from the customers when they call in your business. Although there are many e-commerce businesses nowadays that sell their product and services online, still, there could be a possibility that the order is not getting placed online.

In this case, when the customers call, their orders are taken on the phone. Details such as order number, product information, address, payment gateway and allied are confirmed on the phone by the call center agents.4.     Customer SupportWe have already mentioned the term customer support above a few times, still, it is necessary to dig this point up.

As far as inbound call center services are concerned, customer support or service is the most significant and extensively outsourced service that companies opt for. When you offer a high quality customer service, it increases the customer retention rate and nourishes the brand loyalty in customers’ mind. This offers your business a chance to improve the revenue generation process.

Wrapping upAbove mentioned tips are surely going to change your views on inbound call center service and its implications. Feel free to drop a comment in case of any queries or suggestions.     


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