You Tube Channel For Municipality Essay

You Tube Channel For MunicipalityThe BACKGROUNDThe World Wide Web has provided many internet users with a new way to communicate. It has opened the doors for the possibility of establishing a global village- a virtual world where each and everyone can communicate and interact with each other regardless of wherever they are around the globe.The internet has been a venue for the establishment of the online media.

Nowadays, people use the internet to disseminate information across the globe. Through the various news websites, the internet serves as a publishing arena to make sure that internet users are aware of the recent news and updates. For example, the various news companies and agencies such as the AFP, the BBC and CNN are making use of the internet to publish news stories about the latest events in the world. On top of those news articles, they also upload various video clippings.

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Uploading and sharing videos online are some of the ways by which people can share news and information. You Tube is one of the most popular websites where internet users can share and view various video clips online.Contrary to popular notion, news agencies and popular news groups are not the only ones who can put up a channel in You Tube. Every internet user can potentially have a channel in this video sharing website.The IDEACommunication is very vital in every community. It ensures proper participation and interaction within the group. In order to make sure that people from the municipality will know more about their community, a special municipality channel in You Tube should be created.

The municipality channel is supposed to provide everyone with latest news and updates in the municipality, the development and the projects in the city, the various tourist attractions, the activities of the people in it, and many more.The PURPOSEMain Goal: To disseminate information about the municipalityDetailed Goals:1.       Disseminate the latest news about the municipality.2.       Inform the public about the latest projects and development that is being done by the municipality.3.       Inform the public about the activities and the conferences that’s being held in the city.4.

       Advertise the tourist location of the city.5.       Inform the public about the details and the mechanics of the latest projects in the municipality (Through the conduct of interviews with employees i.e.

leader, top mangers and line mangers).6.       Educate the public about types of departments of the municipality and explain the requirements documents for any services.7.       Inform the employee and the public about the new laws and legislations.The BENEFITSSince the municipality channel is based n the World Wide Web, citizens of the municipality can be informed about the latest news and events in their community regardless of where they are and whenever they want to, provided that they have a computer with an internet access.In addition to that, the channel provides a venue for feedback.

Through the “viewer feedback” feature of You Tube, the municipality government can receive feedback from the public. Furthermore, since the online channel can be accessed by other internet users not just the municipality citizens, it can serve as a way to give people an idea about the features of the municipality. As such, it can help attract tourists.The INTERFACEThe channel should have an interface that promotes the Alain municipality. For this purpose, the background of the channel should be customized. Images that should be prevalent in the channel include the logo of the municipality, as well as pictures of the community.

In addition to that, the various categories should be included:Municipality news ad features: This shows the latest news about the municipality as well as feature stories about the various places within its territory.Development and projects: This shows the latest projects which is being made within the municipality. It also involves the latest updates regarding the progress of the projects.City Activities: This shows the latest conferences, forums and the other activities that are being held and promoted within the municipality.Municipality management: This provides information about the latest projects and activities that are being promoted by the municipality government. This can include the vision and mission of the government, as well as the latest updates and feedbacks of the municipality administration. This can include interviews of the various municipality government officials, top managers, line mangers and staff.How to create the channelRequirementsA necessary resource for the channel will be the channel handlers.

They will be responsible for creating the videos, uploading the files, monitoring the public feedback, and customizing the channel info and pages.Putting up a special channel in the You Tube website is totally free. The channel handlers or those who are going to manage the website should just have an email address. To make sure that proper monitoring can be made, the email address should be made solely for the You Tube channel.ParticipantsThe municipality government should assign a specific working group that will be responsible for handling and maintaining the website.

In addition to that, they should also make it a point to inform the municipality citizens that such website exists.Procedurea. Go to the You Tube website ( and register. Click “Sign Up for a You Tube account”.b. Create your You Tube account by filling up the necessary details.

c. After pertinent details have been supplied, the channel handlers should check the channel email.d.

In the email address, an email sent by You Tube will appear. Click “Confirm your email address”.e.

The page will be redirected to You Tube. The channel handlers can then customize the website (click “Edit Channel”), upload videos (click “create a video log”), and many more.f. The features of the channel can be updated using the “Edit Channel” option. Through this menu, the channel handler can modify the channel info, channel design, personal profile, and location information.

The channel handler can also organize the videos. See image in the next page. 


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