You Can’t Make It Through Life Without Education Essay

No human being is able to survive without education. Education tells people how to think, how to work properly, and how to make decisions. The better your education, the more choices and opportunities you are going to have in life. With that being said, you cannot make it through life without an education.

Three reasons why you should get a good education are because you’ll make more money, you’ll live life with a strong sense of pride, and you’ll have more freedom later on in life. The first obvious reason to why life without an education is not a good idea is because you make more money.The more education you get the more likely it is that you’ll always have a job. Every bit of education a person receives after high school increases the chances of a good paying income. Today most jobs require more than just a high school diploma. This is because most people want to hire people who know how to think and solve problems. Not only does education beyond high school provide you with more money in the long run, it also gives you a lot of other benefits.

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These benefits include meeting new people, exploring your interests, and experiencing success.Another reason why getting a good education is key is because you’ll live life with a strong sense of pride. For example, if someone graduates first in their family. Being the first one in your family to graduate would be a great source of pride. Many people may feel that a great deal of pressure comes with the big responsibility of being the first one to raise the bar in their family. This incredible achievement will stay with you for the rest of your life and that is something that no one can ever take away from you.

The emotional feeling of accomplishing something that no other family member has done would be an extraordinary feeling.Not only would your family be extremely proud but you would be proud of yourself as well. The final reason why education leads a person to success in life is because later on down the road a person will have more freedom. After a person has worked successfully for many years they get to retire and live their last years to the fullest. It’s like a reward because it shows that a person has paid their dues to society. Many people spend their days with their new found freedom by traveling, downsizing their homes, volunteering, and getting social by joining clubs or doing other activities.When people work they have vacation time off, but not nearly enough time to do some extensive traveling. After retirement people can use their time to explore the entire country or even other countries.

When a person retires chances are their children are grown and have moved out of their homes. This is why many retired people chose to downsize their homes to save on their expenses. Many retired people volunteer themselves for different organizations to keep busy. Lastly, many retired people join clubs to stay social with other retirees.

In conclusion, all human beings should get a good education because without one chances are you won’t be successful and won’t live a successful happy life. An education leads a person to many open doors of successful opportunities. With an education a person can encounter a great job with a good paying income, a proud prideful feeling for being so smart, and a relaxing life full of freedom and joy after the hard work has been paid off. A person receives so much more out of life by getting a good education, which is why you can’t live life without one.


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