Wuthering Heights Annotated Bib. Essay

Sara Strange Ms. Erin Smith English Honors 10 19 September 2012 Pettinger, Tejvan. “Biography of Emily Dickinson”, Oxford, www. biographyonline. net 2 Feb.

2011. This source describes Emily Bronte’s imaginary worlds outside of reality, in her earlier years. She uses her mind to create a whole new world and reflects her life as a child through her novel. As a kid Emily Bronte grew up and was raised in Yorkshire, Haworth near the moorland. Emily and her sister Anne Bronte often played around Haworth while imagining dream like worlds. The Bronte children were separated from the normal realm of things.

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This reflects her childhood in the book by stating the imaginary characters in Wuthering Heights that lived in Yorkshire, Haworth. Algernon Charles Swinhurne, “Emily Bronte,” in the Athenaeum, No 2903, June 16, 1883. This book shows the Gothic Romance in Wuthering Heights the manor house appears to be dark but also a nice home. The description of the Wuthering Heights manor and the Thrushcross Grange manor seems to be a medieval style homes, with massive stoned walls. Mr.

Heathcliff seems to be very dark and gloomy in the novel he is described with having thick black hair which also play the role in a “gothic” theme.The overview of the novel leaves you wondering why she would ever leave Heathcliff if he was her true love. The dark or gloomy theme is then moved to the end of the story after Cathy dies she goes back to the Wuthering Heights manor as a ghost. This novel is not categorized under a fairytale because its not all a perfectly happy love story there are trials and obstacles placed between Cathy and Heathcliff. Simpson, Katrina A Personal Interpretation of Wuthering Heights Bronte Studies, Vol. 30, March 2005.

This interpretation of the book enlightens the point of Cathy having a love for her home or the moors.In the book Cathy talks in depth about her daily surroundings and explains every detail of her manor house and farm land in the moors of Wuthering Heights. Cathy was not only in love with Heathcliff or Edger Linton but also her home.

Williams, Anne. “Natural Supernaturalism in Wuthering Heights. ” Natural Supernaturalism in Wuthering Heights (1943): 1-25. Web.

This interpretation of Wuthering Heights shows the darkness and supernatural incidents in this novel. During the Renaissance most of the literature included ghostly encounters.In this book particular Catherine Cathy’s mother touches Lockwood’s hand when he is suddenly awaken during the night by a rustling noise of the tree branch against the window. Near the end of the story when Cathy passes away she returns the the door of the Wuthering Heights manor as a ghost, the reoccurring ghost incidents throughout the novel relates to themes during the time of Renaissance Literature. Just as you think these characters are out of the story they show up out of nowhere, putting their presence back into the story.


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