Writing Improvement Essay

The purpose of this report is to analyze and respond to the writing issues that I inquired for feedback on and to discuss the action and steps that I plan to take to improve my academic writing style and professional communications in order to reach the appropriate scholar-practitioner level for earning my DPA. In the submitted assignment, I was concerned with my grammar and mechanics.

I wanted advice on whether I was placing commas in the right place throughout my writing.Also I wanted to insure that I was using the correct form of APA when citing within the text. In order to improve my writing style in the future I will make sure that I place commas in the right place throughout the text of my work.

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Furthermore, I will be sure to cite resources correctly throughout the text when using direct quotes or paraphrasing. Some of the issues brought to my attention were the failure to cite the year of publication and substantiating my resources within the text. The improper citing that was used listed the source as a point.I will study different literature to assure that I am using the proper grammar and mechanics when completing a paper. Also I will remember to use transitional phases and words when beginning new paragraphs. It is also imperative to proof read your material several times to make sure there are no grammatical errors, incorrect sentence structures, or illogical connections. Finally, it is important to become familiar with the correct use of APA when completing any form of research paper. This prevents you from committing plagiarism, or failing to correctly cite resources.

I will make sure to note that different references by the same author are put in order according to the year of publication. I will remember to italicize the names of journals in my reference list. I will structure my sentences and paragraphs correctly. It is essential to remember that a paragraph has three main parts: a topic, body, and concluding remark.

One of the mistakes that I made in the submitted assignment was concluding with part of the body of the paragraph rather than ending with a concluding remark.


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