Writing and Local Newspapers Articles Essay

So is Google making us stupid? I don’t think that one can assume that a website is to blame for their opinion on whether it is making us as a country stupid. Let’s look into this and see just what we can figure out! Summary: In this article by Nicholas Carr called “Is Google making Us Stupid? ” I don’t believe that he was intending for us to actually believe that Google the worlds well known and well used seach engine is actually making us stupid.What I think he is trying to do is point out how the more technology that comes into the world the less reliant we are on ourselves to achieve the task. For many years we as a society have relied on many things to get bye, food, gas, money and education? So why do we not see where this author is coming from when he speaks about us and our brains being so wired to do thing in a certain way that if we do something so much we continue to do that particular thing more and more.

Take doing a simple task of writing, we use to all rely on the pencil and pen to do all the writing we needed to do and accomplish, then we went to the typewriter and as the technology evolved and we were introduced to the computer and word processor we relied less on pens and pencils and more on computer and printers and paper. Now today almost everything is done on the computer and in type instead of pen or pencil.Now back to Google, we all use to go to the library and local newspapers articles and any other source that was reliable but yet since the new age of technology we don’t use them as much we go to libraries but to use the computer to search for sources and as a last resort we look into sources in a book. This is where our technology has evolved and made it more convienent for us to just mouse click and boom there is out answer but, what would we do if all the computers actually crashed?What would we go to ? We would resort back to our old traditional ways and still be able to find out the same information it just would take a little bit more effort and work. So when Nicholos is speaking about Google I think that what he means by it is that we rely on it so much that would we actually be able to adapt with out it?I don’t think that Google or the technology is making us stupid but I do believe it is making us less self sufficient and in turn making it more difficult for us not to have a meltdown if or when we lose all the technology that is overcoming our society today.

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In closing just don’t rely so much on the new things and remember there is a way around it if you can’t find it on the Internet or Google it may be in a book sitting in your local library!


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