Write about a tv programme you either love or loathe Essay

Write about a TV Programme you either love or loatheThere is so much TV on nowadays that you’d think I would find it easy to choose a programme to write about BUT I really struggled. There are some that I hate like reality TV, The Only Way is Essex and Made in Chelsea to name but two, with their ‘fake’ characters, ‘plastic’ Barbie Doll and Action Man personalities, looks and features. Then there is the ridiculous storylines, so unbelievable, anyone out there in the ‘real world’ agree with my thoughts? In fact if I’m being honest I have never managed to watch an episode of either all the way through! Eventually I decided on House, an American medical drama with an English actor playing the star role. There is something about the show that keeps me interested, fascinated and switched on- I intend to explore all the combination of features that when you mix them together they blend smoothly like the ingredients of an ice cream sundae.What makes a good television programme for me would be imaginative script writers who can create original concepts and vivid images, which House does. The images are often so true to life that while I’m watching I can smell the overpowering and unmistakeable aroma of disinfectant and hand wash, taking me back in time to visits in hospital when I was child, not pleasant memories but ones that linger in the back of my mind and resurface like your worst nightmare each time I have to go into a hospital.

The opportunity for characters to grow with an audience is also important to me and you discover more about their lives as the storylines and series develop, all the information isn’t given to you in one huge ‘chunk’. An example of this is the character Lisa Cuddy who is the Dean of Medicine and House’s boss. She is the frequent target of House’s insults. I really felt sympathy for her when the storyline that she desperately wants a child is introduced, but she can’t have children.

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She tells Wilson that she has made three attempts at implantation, two of which never took and the last of which miscarried. In a later series her first attempt at adoption falls through when the biological mother changes her mind about giving up her child but she does eventually manage to adopt. My research has shown that it definitely meets one of my criteria and that is it is long running. The show House, has been running for 8 years from 2004-2012. The long life of this programme has given the characters and story lines a chance to develop and I feel like I’ve got to know them like they are all members in a close knit family.

The show is set mostly in a hospital in an imaginary American city called Century City but you rarely get to see an episode taken outside of the hospital’s revolving front doors and into the streets. The setting is not my favourite part of the series as hospitals aren’t the nicest of places and can be quite depressing at times.I intend for the main focus of my review to be Gregory House played by Hugh Laurie. He is the main and dominant character but I will elaborate on this point as I discuss and paint of picture of this unconventional genius. He comes across as the villain in the programme but has Sherlock Holmes like qualities solving the most challenging medical mysteries. He sees them as puzzles and even when all of those around him are satisfied the puzzle has been solved he looks for more.It is really important to understand that without House there would be no programme as the whole show is based on how he is with others and how they are with him, it is very dependent on his relationship with patients, colleagues, his ‘one’ friend and his boss. He is very bitter towards his staff and patients and treats them all in the same way, with an appalling bedside manner and rudeness that would only be heard in a school playground.

His attitude is like a bulldog chewing a wasp in fact he treats his colleagues and patients like something he’s trodden in. The people below him run around like his skivvies as soon as he barks a command at them. If they ever dare stand up to him they are humiliated and isolated from the rest of the team. House has a scruffy appearance and personality, like a tramp at Marylebone Station waking after a cold, winter’s night emerging from his cardboard shelter.

He walks with a cane as a result of an accident and throughout the series he suffers terrible pain in his right thigh, the surgery that tried to correct it didn’t work and he is in constant pain. To deal with the pain he has become addicted to drugs. His brain function is as powerful as Einstein’s way of thinking. He solves medical problems that would be beyond the remit of many in the medical progression. House is a very clever and talented person, but, even though he solves most medical problems that people have, he can never really seem to solve his own. House has a drug addiction. He takes painkillers and cocaine.

I believe he should probably concentrate more on getting that sorted out, but I think that’s what makes him such a great character. He is genuine. The way he is and some of the things he does is probably like people in the real world and because of his drug addiction, people can relate to him.

In conclusion, it is easy to see that I enjoy this programme very much. It has been one of my favourite to-do things for a long time. This show is definitely worth the watch, and it will forever leave an imprint on you. Hugh Laurie and every other cast member were superb in this show and its cast will be missed greatly.

Great actors, amazing plot and even better finish. I was quite sad when the show ended but I was also pleased as the worst thing that could have happened in my opinion would have been for it to drag on for so long that the storylines became ridiculous and repetitive.


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