World War 1 Essay

I am going to discuss why men stayed in world war one.

This was due to peer pressure or just something as simple as being bored. Keep in mine that most of the men that fought in the war were only around 18-25 years of age. At the beginning of the war the men that joined were all volunteers.

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There was a lot of pressure on men to stay in the war because if they were to come back they would be thought of as week selfish men. The men that would not join the war would be given white feathers as a sign of weakness. This is one of the reasons men would not want to leave the war, they wanted to prove they were real men.

The concisions in the trenches were moderately good, the soldiers would get food, booze, cigarettes and a good pay so poor people rather stay in the army than go back to nothing. Men were much more obedient in those days. If someone told them to stay in the army they would most probably do it. They would think of the poster back home such as “your country needs you” and they would think about the women giving them white feathers. They would not want to feel shameful for coming back. Most of there friends and brothers would be in the army so they would like to fight with them.The men that saw no future with there life would stay in the army.

When the men first joined I don’t think they were expecting it to be that bad so they went. The men knew they were going to die but they stayed any way for these reasons. They didn’t know what was coming. They thought if more people joined the war would end faster. Some men just joined because they loved their country and felt it was there duty to stay in the war.

I have summarised some of the reasons men would want to stay in the war and fight. To me the most crucial points were patriotism and peer pressure.I think most men would have stayed in tea my is because they simply just loved there country and felt it would be cowardly of them to leave.

I think this is the case today I don’t think men would leave the army because of peer pressure but because of the love towards there country. They might of thought back to the posters and feathers they were given, it would have been cowardly of them to leave in the middle of the war. They would not want to be embarrassed in front of women of all people. They would want to prove to women that they were strong and fears.


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