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The Way Germans Conduct Business Francicso Lujan BUSCOM/275 May 2, 2012 Melanie Behunin The Way Germans Conduct Business After living in Germany and doing research, I concluded that Germans are a distinctive society when it concerns business ethics. Germans are serious about getting down to business. Americans, unlike the Germans, are different in the way they communicate in the work world.

The world to include the United States could benefit from adopting some of the business practices and approaches that Germans use when conducting business.Germans are a no nonsense community concerning conducting meetings, business deals, making business decisions, verbal/nonverbal communication, and daily work routines. Formality Business communication in Germany more formal than in the United States (Rachel Turner). Germans will address their colleagues and business partners as either “Herr” or “Frau,” followed by their surnames. It is normal for Americans to address coworkers by their first names. Germans will become offended if they are addresses by their first names. Germans place tremendous importance on academic qualifications. If someone obtains a Ph.

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D. n Germany, people are required to call them “herr Doktor”; which means Sir Doctor. This term of respect toward someone considered an accomplished scholar is used in the highest regard.

It may be a good idea for Americans to adopt this practice because more people may try to reach higher academic status to be recognized for their accomplishments. Non-verbal Communication Germans will always start a business meeting with a very firm handshake and maintain eye contact at all times when speaking to one another. If eye contact is not maintained, it shows characteristics of dishonesty and unreliability in a person.

It is also considered disrespectful if Germans do not maintain eye contact. Humor Americans may make an effort to ease into a business meeting by making a joke but Germans may misunderstand or take offense by such behavior. Germans only like humor during certain situations. Germans are serious during business meetings, proposals, and other work activity. Humor is very improper to mix humor and pleasure with business. Positivity Americans tend to set the mood for a positive atmosphere and reward coworkers for a job well done, whereas, Germans don’t adopt this practice.Germans do not believe it is necessary to praise others for a job well done. If nothing is being said to coworkers for their performance then it is understood that they are doing a great job.

Monetary awards might be a way to recognize someone for a job well done in German business (Matt Priest). Business Dealings and Decisions In making business dealings, Germans tend to gather as much information as possible and validity for facts gathered when making a final decision and Americans tend to look for essential information and make a quick decision. When making decisions, Americans are not afraid to change things later.

Germans do not like making changes to decisions already made (Hyde Flippo). References Hyde Flippo. (1997).

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