Wood and renewable sources of energy and

WoodMaterials ScienceI appreciate thisfabulous opportunity to introduce myself and support my application to theMasters of Wood Materials Science under the faculty of science and forestryoffered by the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu campus.

This course ismy first priority because it is an exploring and potential subject. Thissubject mainly is based on research and educational improvement.Masters of Wood MaterialsScience is one of the utmost useful and widely demanded subjects in the modernworld today. I believe a Master degree from a reputed Finnish university willdefinitely prepare me for the future management challenges and thus open the doorsfor my career objectives.From my childhood, Iwas always fascinated by Chemistry that is why I obtained sufficient knowledgeabout the periodic tables, physical and chemical properties of the elements.

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But when I admitted into science in Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka,Bangladesh, I really astonished to learn about the forestry. One of myfavourite professor who studied Botany courses when I was in both first andsecond-year student. One part of the course was about medicinal plants whereseveral type wood fibres are used in the production of pharmaceutical productsand textile industry for clothes.  Theprogramme was a link between bio-based materials and renewable sources ofenergy and it learnt how to make sustainable products without damaging forestresources. On that time I achieved the basic knowledge of the physicalproperties of wood and its chemical composition and how it could be used inother major applications. Hence, I was really motivated myself to study thewood materials and its chemical compositions.

My main ambition topursue a Master and PhD degree from the Finnish Universities.  After accomplishing my desired degrees, Iwant to be a researcher and establish my professional teaching career. To be aresearcher in this field was always my passion. That is why I choose thisuniversity. I do believe that Finland has the best education system in theworld mostly in research-oriented degrees. Another reason to choose this isthat I am passionate to work in “Max Plank Research Institute” as ascientist.

I believe that theMaster of Wood Materials Science would help me to fulfil my goals. Because thiscourse will train me to the wood chemistry, characters of wood, physical andchemical properties of wood and how it can be used a variety of bio-basedmaterials. This will also teach about the various applications of its fibres tothe industrial sectors, handcraft sectors, and pharmaceutical products inlaboratory field work.

I strongly believe all of these characters are neededfor an active researcher that I would achieve from this well-structured course.With my educationalsuperiority and working experience in the laboratory during my undergradstudies, I confidently believe that I am a potential candidate for thisprogram. I have already completed my M.Sc degree in Zoology (Specialization:Wildlife Ecology, Management and Conservation Biology) with a thesis courseabout eight credits but the result has not published yet. I also finished myBSc degree in Zoology with a reporting course from the University ofJahangirnagar University. I have also associated with “Career Club”in my university. During the study period, I involved in organizing seminars,class representative and many social events.

I believe that I have all thequalities that require a pupil to complete an M.Sc degree of Wood MaterialsSciences in the University of Eastern Finland. After completing thedegree, I want to apply my knowledge in this sector so that it can be avaluable subject in future. Later, I want to continue PhD degree in thissector.

I believe that the university would provide me with the best opportunitiesto create a new dimension in my desired career.Thank you very much forgiving me a great chance to write about my career plans.Yours sincerelyMd Mizanur RahmanIn addition, I am founder and existing Presidentof nonprofit organization that is called WASHA. The function of thisorganization is to help the needy students of my region financially andmotivate them for higher study in later life. I am also Advisor of BHADON(Blood donation and collection group) Jahangirnagar university unit Dhaka ,1342. 


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