Women Entrepreneurship And Economic Development Business Essay

Women enterprisers have tremendous potency to convey prosperity in the county and hence encouraging adult females entrepreneurship is really of import. These adult females enterprisers are by and large classified into self-entrepreneurs, heritage enterprisers, and spouse enterprisers. Promotion of adult females entrepreneurship in India is done by the authorities every bit good as by assorted other bureaus. The Two chief aims behind advancing Women enterprisers are first employment centered and 2nd supplying liberty to adult females. This survey explored the effects of motivational factors on adult females entrepreneurship in Jaipur metropolis. The aims of the survey seeks to happen out the assorted factors which act as motivational tools for adult females enterprisers, the nature of these factors and the impact, they are holding on Women enterprisers.

The survey is an explorative research based on both primary and secondary informations. The research was conducted on around 60 enterprisers through convenience sampling technique in Jaipur metropolis. The Secondary information was collected through text books, magazines, diaries and web site mentions.The survey implies that motive is a cardinal factor for start up and success of the concern. Another deduction is that instruction is an indispensable component for entrepreneurship development. The educated coevals is more interested in going enterprisers. This survey besides contributes to both theoretical and practical facets of motivational factors impacting the start-up of concerns by adult females enterprisers.Keywords: Motivational Factors, Women Entrepreneurs, self-entrepreneurs, heritage enterprisers, spouse enterprisers

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In entrepreneurship new houses emerge with advanced or better merchandises or services to dispute the bing 1s and therefore making a dynamic market place.

Women form micro-enterprises, little industries and convey their value add-on through product/service to the market topographic point. They strive to optimise the use of their endowments and resources in their ain ventures. The factors that motivate adult females enterprisers reflect in the manner they conduct concern. Motivational forms of adult females enterprisers differ and accordingly their dealing with the issues of the nature, types and kineticss of concern.

The ability of adult females enterprisers to measure the forms and factors of their motive before get downing a concern truly helps them to execute efficaciously for the accomplishment of their concern ends and aims. A research survey reveals that entrepreneurship is non about doing money, believing the greatest thoughts, doing the best gross revenues pitch, using the best selling scheme. It is in world an attitude to make something new or different and an activity which creates value in the full societal eco-system. It is the mind make-up of a individual and province of head, which develops of course, based on his/ her surrounding and experiences, which makes the individual to believe about life and calling in a different manner.

The adult females have achieved huge development in their province of head. With the coming of development in service sector, many entrepreneurial chances particularly for adult females have been created where they can use their accomplishments and can turn. In India besides from the last two decennaries, increasing Numberss of Indian adult females have going enterpriser and besides they are bit by bit lending a batch in economic development. But still they have non capitalized their possible in India and have a long manner to travel.


Entrepreneurship has a function of conveying adult females into the mainstream of economic development and plays a function of universe modifiers.The function of adult females enterprisers in the procedure of economic development has been recognized from 1890ss in assorted parts of the universe. Today, in the universe of concern, adult females entrepreneurship has become an indispensable constituent in many states and has been accepted in all domains.

The United Nations study has besides concluded that economic development is closely related to the promotion of adult females. In states where adult females have advanced, economic growing has normally been steady. By contrast, in states where adult females have been restricted, the economic system has been dead. The information on correlativity between Gender related development index and GDP per capital reinforces the above fact. Other of import factor for development of adult females entrepreneurship is structural association and group of people are besides advancing adult females entrepreneurship. A critical nexus to economic decision-making procedures, the concern associations has made their members ‘ visions and precedences a portion of the national political and economic docket. Around the Earth many more organisations are lending in similar ways.


In the changed province, there is increasing consciousness among adult females that entrepreneurship opens up a new land for them and they can recognize their esteemed calling which gives them liberty and autonomy.

In order to make good in their venture of entrepreneurship, they must separate the fact of advantages they have and the inimitable challenges that they have got to confront than their male opposite numbers. The apprehension of the jobs they face, their degree of contentment towards motivated factors enables them to take advantage of their strengths and alone differences as advantages. It besides acts as a facilitator for possible enterprisers and encourages future adult females enterprisers to endeavour into the field of concern.A concern will neither get down up nor win without motive ( Roberston, Collins, Medeira and Slater, 2003 ) . The possible factors which influence entrepreneurial behaviour are the single, societal and environmental factors. The Social factors model examines the single background, household background, phase of calling, early life experiences and growing environment ( Gibb, 1993 ) .

Most of the survey on adult females enterprisers had focused on the demographic, household, occupational and educational background. It is analyzed that motive, personality and demographic variables contribute extensively to the entrepreneurial intent in adult females ( Vijaya, 2000 ) . A survey by Welsch and White ( 1982 ) found that adult females enterprisers have a leaning to be younger, more educated and emphasizes in information so urges. In add-on, adult females enterprisers were about as likely to be self employed.One survey of 20 female enterprisers instituted that their most of import motives to put up a concern were the demand to accomplish, the desire to be independent, the demand for occupation satisfaction and economic necessity ( Schwartz, 1976 ) .

Apart from that, want to command, necessitate for success, to better the economic state of affairs, need to be independent and the demand for occupation satisfaction are besides some noteworthy motivative factors ( Scott, 1986 ) .Harmonizing to the classification suggested by Carter et Al. ( 2003 ) , there are different pull motives relate to motives such as independency and enthusiasm to be free of any control or to go one ‘s ain foreman, acknowledgment and addition of credence and esteem by other people ( Nelson, 1968 ) , self-fulfillment, attainment of the entrepreneurial ends ( Fischer, Reuber, and Dyke, 1993 ) , economic inducements, the desire to derive more and achieve economic accomplishment ( Birley and Westhead, 1994 ) .The “ necessity enterprisers ” are driven by push factors and their nucleus motives are deficiency of other or superior options to unemployment ( Evans and Leighton, 1990, Storey, 1991, Clark and Drinkwater, 2000, Masuda, 2006 ) , deficiency of other income option in the instance of unemployed individuals confronting the terminal of their unemployment benefits, deliberation from other parties of the unemployed people to endeavor self-employment as an alternate pick to wage-employment and unemployment ( see Caliendo and Kritikos, 2009 ) .

Conventional idea of the entrepreneurship cited the desire to freelance, to engender income and to develop accomplishments harmonizing to Hookoomsing and Essoo ( 2003 ) , ( Richardson et al. , 2004 ) . Women ‘s grounds intended for get downing concern are non ever repeatedly determined by positive factors but besides because of negative conditions such as low household income, deficiency of employment chances, dissatisfaction with a present occupation or the demand for flexible work ( Robinson, 2001 ) , These factors tend to be most premier among adult females within lifting economic systems ( Dhaliwal, 1998 ) .


To analyze the socio-economic background of the adult females entrepreneurs in Jaipur District.To analyze the motivational factors and other factors that influence adult females to go enterprisers.


DATA Collection:

The survey is based on explorative research design and information is collected from primary and secondary beginnings.

The primary information was collected through a structured questionnaire. A sample of 60 respondents in Jaipur metropolis was taken for the survey. Convenience trying method was used for roll uping the information from the respondents. The Secondary information was collected through text books, magazines, diaries and web site mentions. Major tool of the informations aggregation was conductivity of personal interview/survey.

All the collected was arranged in the assorted signifiers of tabular arraies and so it was critically analyzed with the support of legion statistical tools. Percentage Analysis, Average, Weightage Score and Chi-Square Test are the assorted statistical tools applied


Demographic Variables:

The forces features of the selected respondents like age, educational position, matrimonial position, concerned country of concern and concern class are discussed in this subdivision.

Table 1.1: Distribution of Respondents on the Basis of Various Demographic Variables




of Respondents


( % )

Age Group

Below 25 Old ages58.3325-35 Old ages1525.0035-50 Old ages3050.00Above 50 Old ages1016.67

Marital Status


Education Qualification


00Secondary813.33Higher Secondary1626.67Graduate Level2846.67

Concerned Area of Business

Service Related3558.33Social Work Related58.33Fabrication Related2033.33

Business Class

First Coevals2541.

67Parental Business1525.00In-Laws Business2033.33

Table 1.2: Motivational Factors of Women Entrepreneurs in Jaipur District ( Weighted Ranking Method )




























Personal Desire to accomplish something different



Credence of this work as a Challenge and Adventure



Wishing for Business & A ; Independent Occupation



Monotony of Housework



Independence & A ; Willingness to be Free of any Control



To acquire Economic Independence



Because of Unemployment



To acquire better life than before



To Prove Yourself



To acquire Social Status

576897547836075063485654352012148The tabular array 1.2 shows that motivational factors for adult females enterprisers, the leaden ranking method applied. It inferred that the most figure of the respondents have given First rank for wishing for concern & A ; independent business ; the respondents have given Second rank for personal desire to accomplish something different. The 3rd rank was credence of this work as a challenge and escapade and followed by to acquire economic independency, to turn out yourself, to acquire societal position, humdrum of housekeeping, to acquire better life than earlier and because of unemployment.

Chi-Square Analysis:

The assorted sentiments of the sample respondents and socio-economic characters relationship is used for Chi Square Test. Table 1.3 reveals that the sum-up of the respondents. The chi-square analysis reveals that the factors age, instruction making and concerned concern country are important at 5 % degree. The staying factors are non important at 5 % degree.

Table 1.3: The Summerised Table of Opinion of Women Entrepreneurs




Chi Square Value

Degree of Freedom

Table Value




Age Group



Marital Status

1.6713.84.197Not Significant


Education Qualification




Concerned Area of Business



Business Class


287Not Significant


8.33 % of the respondents are belonging to below 25 old ages age group of the enterprisers. 25.00 % of the respondents are between the age group of 25 – 35 old ages, 50 % of the respondents are between the age of 35-50 old ages and 16.67 % are above 50 old ages.

46.67 % of the respondents are belonging to graduate degree of the enterprisers. 26.67 % of the respondents are higher secondary and 13.

33 % of the respondents are secondary degree of instruction. The 5 % of the respondents are primary degree and remainders of the respondent are nonreaders.58.33 % of the respondents trade with service related types of concern. 33.

33 % of the respondents are engaged in fabricating type of concern. Merely 8.33 % of the respondents are making our concern for societal work.

58.33 % of the respondents are in married class and remainders of the respondents are single. Therefore, matrimonial position is of import factor to find the adult females enterprisers.41.67 % of the respondents belong to first coevals concern class, 33.33 % of the respondents belong to in-laws concern and rest 25 % belonged to parental concern.Motivational factors which encouraged adult females enterprisers through leaden ranking method are: it inferred that the most figure of the respondents have given First rank for wishing for concern & A ; independent business ; the respondents have given Second rank for personal desire to accomplish something different. The 3rd rank was credence of this work as a challenge and escapade and followed by to acquire economic independency, to turn out yourself, to acquire societal position, humdrum of housekeeping, to acquire better life than earlier and because of unemployment.

The chi-square analysis reveals that the factors age, instruction making and concerned concern country are important at 5 % degree. The staying factors are non important at 5 % degree.


It is evident from the survey that motive is considered as an critical constituent of entrepreneurship.Both motive and environmental influences play an of import function in entrepreneurship.

A deeply understanding on the influence of these variables will be utile to understand the complex phenomenon of entrepreneurship, peculiarly from the psychologically point of position.Among the motivational factors age, instruction making and concerned concern country is found to be the really of import motivational factor in adult females make up one’s minding to go enterprisers. The liking for concern and independent business and personal desire to accomplish something different drama an of import portion in act uponing adult females ‘s pick. In the same manner, Hisrich and O’Brien ( 1981 ) found the desire to do full usage of one ‘s endowment or accomplishment is one of the grounds for adult females prosecuting in entrepreneurship.


The survey covers merely Jaipur territory. Therefore the findings of the survey are wholly valid to this territory merely.The survey is based on the perceptual experiences of the adult females enterprisers. Their attitudes may likely amend with the alteration of times. Therefore the responses reveal their existing positions on the prevalent conditions.


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