Women Driving in Saudi Arabia Essay

?The petition also accused Saudis who support women driving of being hypocrites who work as pawns for the enemies of the nation and said that they should repent before God. It is a long list; on analysis it seems that the main fear of men is that they will lose control over their women folk, a right they have been practicing for very a long time. To start from the beginning, the petitioners seem to live on another planet or maybe they just have not been looking around them lately.To say that women will be issued with IDs with photos on them is disingenuous, since there is already the national ID card scheme that allows women to have their own IDs and it is actually going to be mandatory soon.

— Women and men mixing? In case these people have not noticed, women do go out, ride with strange men who are their drivers or taxi drivers. How is riding with a stranger not considered mixing but riding by oneself is considered mixing? It makes no sense to me. Women are less decisive and cannot face difficult situations is a gratuitously patronizing statement, since lots of women work and have to take decisions in their work. Even housewives are shouldering lots of responsibilities that need decision-making. Does not raising kids need decision-making? I wonder if this is a trivial job compared with driving a car? — Women will uncover their faces if they drive. First of all not all women cover their faces here.

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Second of all, experience shows that in other Muslim countries some women drive their cars and keep covering half their faces except for the eyes. — Women like to show off and will change cars much more often; surely whoever thought of this is not living in Saudi Arabia. If this is true we will not see young men changing their cars every year. Those who have the money and feel like changing their cars to match their outfit are already there on our streets showing off their Ferraris and BMWs. — Opening women sections for traffic police?I thought we had an employment problem! Should not we welcome new job openings? This whole argument started by stressing that Islam gave women rights that do not exist in many cultures.

To start with that obvious fact does not mean that we are an ideal society. The fact that we started debating issues in our society is a great sign. We need to know how to differ with each other and stop denying the other parties the right to express their opinions by branding them. Like the petitioners here who branded their opponents as being hypocrites and atheists.


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