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Without the ancient greeks, romans, babylonians, and more our world wouldn’t be as we all  know it. We would be almost 1000 years behind. We wouldn’t have the settlement and land as well and we wouldn’t be as advanced in technology. Thesis Sentence For all of the ancient civilizations it took years to find settlement and start building who they are. They’re land around them had a large impact on who they became and how they contributed to our society. For ancient egypt the nile river and rock abundance largely influenced where the ancient egyptians settled and decided to start their civilization.  Nubia was the next center of african civilization appeared around 2500 B.C Even under the rule of kings, few truly centralized states existed in africa. For the most part people lived in scattered communities.  The Neolithic Age came with people who have moved from place to place such as Anatolia and Turkey. The region became steady with organized farming, stock rearing, bartering and sculptures such as pottery. People stopped moving from region to region and finally settling permanently in Greece. They trained animals like sheep and goats and grew plants and crops. They settled in areas that had nearby  sites where there was a good  water supply and in open landscapes. The Ancient Greeks can be said as the first ‘farmers’ and their lives were less complex and simple.             Throughout the many years of humans roaming earth, laws and governments have evolved either by growing from their mistakes or being more and more cruel and tortious everyday.   Babylon was a strong empire, because it had a simple, yet effective government. It has everything it needs to be effective; laws with punishment and rewards, and the laws apply to everyone, not just some people. Their government was centered around one ruler. Whoever the ruler was at different times placed various other trusted rulers in charge of smaller cities or states to prevent rebellions against the set law. In egypt there government wasn’t too widely spread because of their failure to start a centralized government.  All we know about Nubian government is that they had a king and queen and normal citizens.  With that information, there government had some sort of law code that was not too complex but not simple either. It created many problems which led them to failing. But a difference that you will be able to see in Ancient Nubia is that the woman were actually above men or looked on as equals.  When the Nubian government was at its absolute best, it was usually because it was of the Egyptian government and law codes. The laws were very harsh even compared to our laws.An example would be If an architect built a house and it collapsed and killed its owner,  the architect was killed.  Or If a surgeon did a surgery, and the patient died because of the surgeon, then the surgeon would get one of his hands cut off. Another example of a harsh law is that if a wife gets caught cheating on her husband or says that he is not her husband, then her husband gets to push her in a river to die. If a son says to his father that he is not his father anymore, his dad can shave his son’s head, and sell him as a slave.