Within “Tell tale heart” the major idea

Within the following lines, we are going to compare two short stories: “Tell tale heart” by Edgar Allan Poe and “The old grandfather and the little grandson” by Leo Tolstoy.

 Edgar Allan Poe was a american writer (1809-1849), his stories belonged to Dark Romanticism. Leo Tolstoy was a russian writer (1828-1910), he was considered one of the greatest authors, his work belong to the literary movement realism. The “Tell tale heart” is about a guy who wants to get rid of a man’s eye, in the story it described how he does it. “The old grandfather and the little grandson”  tells the story of a family leaving a ordinary live. As follow we are going to analize de differences and similarities of the two short story based on: narrator, majer idea/theme, moral of the story.In the story “Tell tale heart” by Edgar Allan Poe there is a first person narrator because the main character is telling the story. For example. “I did it for seven long night”, “I found the eye always closed”.

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And in “The old grandfather and the little grandson” by Leo Tolstoy there is a third person narrator, because none of the characters tells the story. For example: ” A few days later, the old man’s son and his wife were sitting in their hut, resting and watching their little boy playing on the floor. They saw him putting together something out of small pieces of wood.” As we can see the approach of the narrator is different.In the story “Tell tale heart”  the major idea is sense of guilty that produced a change on the character’s  behavior. After the person kills the old man he was overwhelmed and he confesses to the officials changing his behavior. In “The old grandfather and the little grandson” It is the same major idea as the Edgar Allan Poe story, because after the wife and spaws realizes that they were treating bad the old man (because of their son’s actions) there was a change of behavior and they started to treat him better.

As it is shown  the major idea is the same.  “The old grandfather and the little grandson”  has a clear moral of the story and it is that you cannot treat people bad no matter their age or physical state. In the “Tell tale heart” it is  difficult to see it because it is based on the bold of surreal dream images. As we can evidenced  there is a difference in the moral of the story.As we can see, through the comparison of the two stories we have found some similarities and difference. The similarities found was the major idea, and the difference are de moral of the story and the approach of the different narrators.


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