With Phoenix is a very historical city,

With the blazing sun and extreme temperatures, it may seem like there is nothing to do in Phoenix, Arizona, but if you dig deeper you’ll see that Phoenix is more than just a city in the desert.

As the capital of Arizona, Phoenix’s temperatures can reach up to 122 degrees. Although Phoenix may seem as hot as lava, it is still one of the liveliest cities in Arizona. Don’t let the heat fool you because as of 2017 Phoenix is home to over 4.5 million people. Along with many people, there are many things that make Phoenix the city it is, such as places to eat, historical sights, and things to do.

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     Phoenix has a wide variety of restaurants to eat at. Most of which are worth visiting. Such as Peter Pipers Pizza. This is a family friendly restaurant that can only be found in certain states, and Arizona just happens to be one of them.

With it’s thin crust pizza and enjoyable games, this restaurant can be a great place to bring your family to. Phoenix also contains more sophisticated restaurants such as the Compass Arizona Grill. With its breathtaking view from 24 stories high, it is known as the only revolving rooftop restaurant in Arizona.

This restaurant is great for adults who are interested in american southwest cuisine. Finally, we have the White Chocolate Grill. An American restaurant perfect for all ages and most popular for it’s lunch and dinner menus.

The mouthwatering ribs, burgers, sandwiches, and soup have all helped give this restaurant its popularity. I have only mentioned just a sample of what Phoenix has to offer when it comes to dining. Many more restaurants have taken their home in Phoenix, Arizona.     The city of Phoenix is a very historical city, which leads it to having many historical sights. One in particular involves one of America’s most iconic actresses. In downtown Phoenix a hotel named Hotel San Carlos attracts quite a few tourists each year.

Many come mainly because Marilyn Monroe has stayed at this hotel and visitors our able to stay in her suite. However, Marilyn Monroe’s suite isn’t the only wonderous and historical sight to see. Phoenix is also home to Mystery Castle. A castle built for a girl named Mary Lou by her father, has now become a very popular tourist attraction in Phoenix. With over 15 rooms, this castle is one of many historical sights that are like glimpses of the past.     The rising temperatures in Phoenix may seem like an obstacle when it comes to having fun.

If by any chance that is going through your mind, you are sadly mistaken. Despite the heat, Phoenix is a fun filled city with many ways to pass the time. For instance, there is no better way to spend a hot day in Phoenix than at the water park.

There are many water parks in or near Phoenix. Take for example Wet N’ Wild. This waterpark is filled with a variety of exhilarating water slides. If you are not interested in getting wet there are other amazing things to do in Phoenix that are indoors.

The Talking Stick Resort Arena is the perfect place in Phoenix to go and watch a game of Basketball.The stadium is a great way to stay out of the heat in Phoenix and if you are a big basketball fan then this is the place to go. Another thing to do in Phoenix, Arizona is going to Castles N’ Coasters.

A very popular amusement park in Phoenix with mini golfing and roller coasters for all ages. It is especially amazing to go to the evening when the temperatures are cooler and the lights there shine brighter than the stars. These wonderful activities highlight the glory of Phoenix     Like every other city, Phoenix had its own uniqueness and charm. With it’s restaurants, to the things to do in Phoenix. Yet sadly, many people only imagine Phoenix as a hot and boring city.

Although Phoenix may seem like a dry desert city, there is much more to Phoenix than just that. Phoenix has its own hidden beauty and that lies within the restaurants it has, the historical sightings, and the things to do. All of these things make up the wonderful city that Phoenix is.


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