Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Winning: Game and Simple Fact Essay

Winning: Game and Simple Fact Essay

This quote “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” was stated by a well known coach. With this statement it basically says that you absolutely have to win every single game that you may have played; however I completely disagree. I feel that this statement shows very little sympathy to players that may have worked extremely hard during play time and make a mistake in the end, this is not a respectable statement and games should really be for fun and not all competition. Here’s a little more detail on how I feel.

First, there is the struggle of hard-working players. Have you ever ran 100 yards on the football field multiple times and has never gotten tired not even a little bit? Clearly this is impossible unless you have extreme superpowers. I believe that a person’s strength could affect the winning streak of a person die to the simple fact they don’t have the proper energy to function while playing. Players such as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and even Lebron James have made a mistake during games, and these incidents led to a loss. Nobody in the world is perfect; that’s why it is important to continue to work hard and just do your best.

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Second, this statement is not respectable. If a coach would encourage them to win but also allow them to realize that even if they did conclude to a loss that next game they may need to work a little harder, practice with efficiency in practice, and strive for the highest level possible. With this statement it’s not respectable due to the simple fact that it states if you don’t win, then you basically have accomplished nothing. If I was that player I honestly don’t people that I would accept this criticism from my coach. Would you?

Third, playing games should mainly focus on the intensity of having fun. Playing sports helps you to interact with others and helps you to be healthy by exercising. Playing sports or a game should not just be based on how many games you win but better yet, to focus on the rewards and the enjoyment of the activity. Fun and smiles keeps the body and the soul happy. This is similar to Honey Nut Cheerios “Be happy, be healthy.”

In conclusion, winning is great and enjoyable, but it’s not everything. By
accepting defeat individuals learn self confidence. Self confidence teaches people to never give up. Never giving up educates people not to be frightened to lose. Without fear of defeat everyone is truly playing for fun. With the hard work of players, the little respect of this statement, and the crucially of players on wanting to win and not being informed of just having fun, I disagree with this quote. How would you feel?