Winnie the Pooh Essay

Kilye Harrelson Ms. Vogel British Literature 13 December 2010 Winnie the Pooh Christopher Robin.

Owl. Rabbit. Kanga. Roo. Eeyore. Tigger. Piglet. Winnie the Pooh.

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Most Americans know who these characters are; they probably grew up reading about these characters at home or maybe even in school. These popular characters have been around for many years. Everybody has a favorite character in these stories that they can relate to in some kind of way.

In the Winnie the Pooh stories, each character represents a different outlook on life and personality from which young readers can learn about other people and themselves.The only human character in the Winnie the Pooh stories is Christopher Robin. Christopher Robin is a young boy around eight years old. He is the son of Alan Alexander Milne the author of all the Winnie the Pooh stories.

He has brown hair The characters in the Winnie the Pooh stories were originated from stuffed animals belonging to Christopher Robin. To me he is kind of like the hero in the story. Christopher often calls Pooh “silly old bear”(How Winnie The Pooh Works). When Pooh and the other animals are in trouble or in need of help, the animals know that Christopher Robin will always be there.He tries to solve his friend’s problems and he usually solves if not all but some of their problems.

Christopher and his animal’s friends love to go on adventures in the Hundred Acre Woods where they live. Christopher is overall a true hero and a true friend. Owl is somewhat of a know-it-all in the stories.

He’s kind of like a teacher or a professor. He tries to give useful advice and suggestions. His words of wisdom usually come back and bite him in the butt.

He loves to read books that are going to make him wiser such as dictionaries and encyclopedias.When Pooh or one of the other characters go over to Owl’s house to get them to go away he often says “well I must get back to my encyclopedia” (Hoff 42). Owl will tell stories to guests and anyone who will listen. When he starts telling a story he tends to just go on and on. When he starts going on and on is usually when Pooh and the other animals will try and seek away. Owl can really be a real bore sometimes. He has the brains in the stories.

He has the wisdom. Rabbit is always cranky and concerned that someone is going to mess up his beautiful garden. Tiger is usually the one that messes up his garden.

He is very stubborn.Rabbit is very pushy and likes to make his own decisions. He is also a great speller compared to the other animals. He is very concerned about the important things in life. He happens to like a very serene life with no surprises. Although Tigger and Pooh bring him plenty of surprises. Rabbit loves gardening and his favorite thing to grow is carrots and other vegetables. He makes sure that he avoids Pooh during lunch time, so that Pooh doesn’t eat everything from his garden.

Rabbit is very smart. He actually makes in clear in a conversation with Owl where he says “You and I have brains. The others have fluff”(Mander).He thinks he the smartest animal in the One Hundred Acre Woods.

Rabbit and Owl are the only real animals in the story. The others are stuffed animals. Kanga is the motherly figure in the story. She is the voice of reason. She is the mother of a baby kangaroo named Roo. She is always very helpful.

She comforts all of the other animals when they are feeling low or down about something. She is the fastest animal in the One Hundred Acre Woods. She carries her family in a pocket that is on the front of her body. She is always warning her son Roo about the dangers in the adventures that he goes on with Tiger and the other animals.Kanga is always saying “Now now Roo, you mustn’t do that dear” to which Roo mostly replies “But moma! ” (Mander). She is always worrying about Roo getting hurt on all of the adventures he goes on. Kanga goes over to Pooh’s house to try and teach him how to jump. Kanga is very proud of her son Roo and the rest of the gang too.

Roo is the youngest character in the story. His best friend is Tiger. He loves going on adventures with Tiger and all of the other animals. Roo and Tiger area always bouncing everywhere they go. Even though Roo knows better he is always getting into some kind of trouble.

He is kind of a trouble maker when he’s with Tigger. He loves discovering new things in life. Don’t let his age fool you. He often expresses his thoughts that make him sound a lot wiser and older then he really is. He is kind of like a little kid in pre-school because, he is steady in trouble. Eeyore is my favorite character in the story. He is about three years old. He is a very gloomy donkey.

He is hardly ever happy but his grumpiness might come from having a tail pined in his butt all of the time. Eeyore doesn’t see himself as gloomy. He just has low expectations. But he is a very lovable character.He is always losing his tail. He depends on his friends to find his tail. When his friends find it Christopher Robin has to fix his tail using a drawing pin. He is very intelligent but likes to keep to his self.

He loves that his friends care enough about him to remember him on his birthday. He often says “Thanks for noticin’ me and “Oh well” (Mander). His house is always getting knocked over by someone or something mostly Tigger bounces them down. He spends most of his time trying to put it back together. He says “Ah, that’s why nobody’s bothered, I suppose. I thought perhaps they’d forgotten” (Hoff 17).

Nobody ever helps him put his house back together. But he never says a word to anyone about it. Even though Eeyore might act like he’s helping just because there’s nothing else to do. Don’t under estimate him because he is always there for his friends. Tigger is kind of like the ADHD kid in the world today. He can never sit still.

He is always moving around. He has black and orange stripes and a springy tail. Tigger loves to bounce “cause that is what Tiggers to best”(Mander).

He bounces everywhere he goes. He is the one of the kind creature in the story because of his springy tail.Tigger and Roo are always going on adventures and getting into trouble. Tigger doesn’t mean to but he always messes up Rabbits garden. Tigger is always looking to make the best out of what life has to offer.

The most wonderful thing about Tiggers is that “I’m the only one! “(Mander). Tigger is very hyperactive. He loves trying to help others with their problems. He also takes a lot of pleasure in being able to “unbounce” some of the other animals in the One Hundred Acre Woods(Mander). He has a very fun loving personality. Tigger is a one of the very loved animals in the One Hundred Acre Woods.

Everybody loves him except for rabbit. He drives Rabbit insane. When Tigger finds out something exciting he can’t wait to go and tell his friends about it. Piglet is a very small little pink pig.

He’s very shy and afraid of everything. But at the same time he is very brave. He always wears a long pink striped shirt. Piglet loves to go on adventures with his best friend Winnie the Pooh. He loves bright colors and balloons. But his favorite thing to do is blow dandelions. The first thing that Piglet utters when he gets up in the morning is “I wonder what’s going to happen exciting today? “(Mander).

Piglet is very afraid of the dark. Whenever Piglet gets scared he often says “Oh, d-d-d-dear”(Meet the Characters). Even though Piglet is a “very small animal”, he will conquer his fears to help his friends (How Winnie the Pooh Works). Even though Piglet is so small He has a very big heart and loves all of his friends very much. Winnie the Pooh is a very friendly and loving bear. He goes by Pooh or Pooh bear. But Never by Winnie. he wears an old red shirt.

Pooh loves honey with a passion. He spells honey “hunny”. He is always getting in to some kind of trouble trying to look for honey.

If he ever runs out of honey he will go around and ask every single one of his friends if they have a jar. He tries to get honey from beehives also and bees always chase him for trying to take their honey. Pooh has very little brains and with tell you that himself. He does a lot of silly things. He is friend with everyone in the One Hundred Acre Woods. The first thing Pooh says when he wakes up in the morning is “what’s for breakfast”(Mander).

He loves going on adventure with Christopher Robin, Piglet and all of the other animals. Pooh is always looking for “Hunny to Fill the Rumblee in his Tumblee”(Mander).Pooh is also a hero in a way. But when people think of Pooh, they think kind, loving, sweet, helpful, friendly old bear.

At the end of all these wonderful stories Christopher Robin has to go off to school to learn the alphabet and how to write. School becomes important to Christopher Robin and he doesn’t have time to spend with Pooh and the other animals. His childhood was ending, but his friends did not change one single little bit. They understood that Christopher Robin had to go to school to learn so that he could come back and teach them new things. Such as the alphabet, reading, and how to write.But because the animals are true friends they did not get mad a t Christopher Robin for leaving them behind. I think that the lesson in these stories is that friendship is a very important thing in life that everybody needs.

Everybody needs a friend that they know will be there through thick and thin. There are several other lessons in these stories. Like everyone has a hero or that everybody can conquer their fears. Everyone reads these stories when there little but when they get older they recognize the real meanings and lessons in the story. Works Cited Disney. Meet the Characters. 010.

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