Wilma Mankiller Essay

The person I am doing my Oklahoma history report is on Wilma mankiller she was born on November, 18, 1945 her age is (66) she was born in Tahlequah Oklahoma what she is known for Is being a leading advocate for the Cherokee and the first women to serve as there principle Chief. When she was a kid she left Oklahoma and went to Francisco, California For hops of a better life but there family was still struggling in there new home.During the 1960s Wilma mankiller was inspired by the attempt of the native Americans to take Back the island of Alcatraz so it would be more active to the native Americana issues. In 1976 decided to go back to Oklahoma to help the native Americana.

She went to go work for the government of the Cherokee nation as a tribal planer and program Developer. Wilma mankiller all most lost her life to a bad car wreck she was hit head on by her Best friend.Sadly her best friend was killed in this car wreck and Wilma mankiller had Numerous surgeries as a part of her long recovery from the car wreck she also had to handle Some diseases that are myasthenia gravies but she did recover and is healthy again. Wilma mankiller ran for depute chief for the native Americana tribe in 1983.

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Two years after winning the post she became the principal chief Wilma mankiller became Fames as the first woman to become the principal chief of the native Americana’s.She remained in the position for two full terms after that winning elections in 1987 and 1991 The popular leader Wilma mankiller sought to improve the nations health care education System and government she decided not to seek reelection in 1995 because of ill health. Since leaving office Wilma mankiller has remained active in causes related to native Americana right and woman rights she has shared her experience as a pioneer is Tribal government in her 1993 autobiography mankiller means a chief and her people Mankiller also wrote and compiled every day is a good day reflections by Contemporary indigenous


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