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Singing Lessons Make me a Star

If you dream of bright lights, big stages, and an adoring audience
falling at your feet – you aren’t alone. Many performers and musicians have
dreams of fame, fortune and being the world’s greatest professional singer.
Other singers just want to improve their repertoire whether from pure pleasure
or because they are involved in musical theatre or stage life.

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Private singing lessons won’t make you famous straightaway, but
they will help you on the path to becoming a stronger and more technique based

You have heard the saying ‘you can’t make an omelet without
cracking eggs’, well you can’t get to Broadway or the Grammy’s without
investing a little love and care into building your singing voice.

Having a good vocal coach and a program of voice lessons
encourages you to reach your full potential, look after your vocal health, understand your vocal range, and brush up on tips and techniques
to improve your singing voice.

Sure, singing lessons can take a little financial investment, and
while this may make you hesitate at the door, take a look at some of the
benefits of signing up as a student with a good vocal coach…

Build Confidence

Taking private singing lessons or having any vocal training will
gift you the confidence to be a better performer. Working with a professional
music teacher is a great learning curve for all ages. You will quickly learn
where you have been going wrong, along with what singing techniques you can
employ to lift your sound immediately.

You can tailor your voice lessons according to where your
confidence and skill lacks – whether its harmony singing, picking the right
songs for your vocal range, or performing with live instruments like guitar or

Vocal Health

Vocal health is not something to be taken lightly if you love
singing, ask any professional singer who has lost work due to strained vocals.

Singers need to constantly care for their voice and having vocal
coaching is like having a personal trainer at the gym. They can teach you techniques
to care for your voice – covering everything from lifestyle choices to
pinpointing where you are straining when you do sing.

Don’t think you can just coast along as a singer without looking
after your voice, it may seem fine at first but once the wear and tear creeps
in – there can be big problems ahead. Prevention is better than the cure when
it comes to your voice.

Breathing Technique

Singing is more about vocal technique than natural talent, but you
need to have access to those singing techniques before you can put them into

A savvy singing teacher will help you with better breathing techniques and control, both of which can be a game changer in the world of
professional singing.

Style and Range

Your vocal range and your vocal style are completely unique to
you. Many students will enter private singing lessons trying to mimic their
favorite singer, or just completely unaware of what their own style of singing

A good voice teacher will be able to help you use and grow your
natural singing voice, they will nurture your style and help you find a vocal
range that suits your talent.

What to Look for in your Singing Teachers

Picking the perfect teacher for your private singing lessons will
take a little time and thought. You want to find someone who is going to help
you to excel as a student. Someone who will pave the way for you to be in a
voice studio one day.

The aim of any good partnership with a voice teacher is to help
you sing in a healthy, relaxed and controlled manner using techniques that
won’t damage your voice. These are the things you should look for when combing
the market for the best voice lessons…

Training and Background

If you are looking to excel in musical theatre, then selecting
vocal lessons with someone famed for their folk music may not be the best
match. Do your research and look for someone offering private singing lessons
that match the styles you are interested in.

While many professional singers offering private voice training
are sure to be versatile and able to lend their skills and techniques to all
avenues, it can help to have a shared passion for whatever styles you like.
Don’t forget to check out their background and credentials to see what
experience they have in the niche.

A Solid Technique

Extending your song repertoire and vocal range is great and many
teachers offering private singing lessons will be able to deliver this. You
also want to check that your singing teacher has a solid technique for building the
voice effectively. A
little music theory can also go a long way.

A solid singing technique will carry you far in the musical world.
Make sure that you know a little background on what contributes to a good
singing technique, and don’t be afraid to ask questions of your potential

Tailored to You

Odds are you are taking private singing lessons to improve the way
YOU sing.

A good vocal coach will play on their student’s ability and help
you to channel those strengths into your practice. Singing is so personalized
that no bunch of students should have a mirror image lesson plan.

Try and find a singing teacher who is also keen to help you relate
to the music you are working on. When you feel aligned with the music you are
singing, you are more likely to be passionate about delivery and performance.

Before starting, a good teacher will want to hear their students
sing and understand their goals, so they can piece together the perfect plan.

Getting the Best from Private Singing Lessons

Know What You Want

Private singing lessons are an investment in the future of your
voice. Knowing what you want to gain from attending these lessons will help
your vocal coach to build a program that works for you. Maybe you want to work
on harmony singing, your vocal range, your vocal performance, or ear training –
don’t be afraid to communicate your needs.

Your private lesson program should be a collaboration of ideas;
while your vocal instructor has the expertise, you have the vision of where you
want to be, whether its tomorrow or a few years from now.

Practice Outside the Classroom

Rocking up to your music lessons once a week will contribute to
you being a better singer, but it won’t be the defining factor in you reaching
your full potential. A good student will do their homework. Even outside of the
classroom setting you should practice the exercises and techniques you have
been taught.

Both beginners and professional singers who want to improve should
practice singing every day for at least thirty minutes. Don’t forget to include warmup vocal
exercises. Extra lessons will also help to speed up your progress on this
journey from classroom to studio to stage.

While private singing lessons won’t turn you into Mariah Carey or
Michael Jackson overnight, but they will help you to nurture and develop your
skills in singing.

Whether you sing for pleasure of professional profit, a good vocal
coach can prove worth their weight in gold for those who want to lift their
talent to new heights.