Wildlife: Biodiversity and Indian Wild Ass Essay

India’s vegetations and zoology is nonpareil. In profusion. assortment and copiousness it has barely any parallel. India’s great latitudinal spread. embracing a broad scope of temperature conditions. makes it rich and varied in vegetations and zoologies. The figure of species of blooming workss in the state is about 15. 000.

There are about 35. 000 non-flowering workss. The rich assortment of zoology is in direct relation to the copiousness and luxury of the vegetation. Both are inter-linked and mutualist in many ways. The flora depends on the zoology for its fertilisation. extension and spread. while the latter’s being and survival depends on the former.

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There are about 350 species of mammals and 1. 200 species of birds. More than 30. 000 species of insects.

apart from a great assortment of reptilians and fishes are besides found. The mammals include the elephant. the Indian bison. Indian American bison. the blue-bull or nilgai. four-horned antelope. black vaulting horse. Indian wild buttocks.

the celebrated one-horned rhinoceros and many assortments of cervid. Under the large game class come the Indian king of beasts. the tiger. the jaguar.

leopard and assorted species of smaller cats. Many types of bears roam the western Himalayas. but merely a individual species of coon bear is found.Several species of monkeys and apes are common. The wild yack inhabits the upper lands of Ladakh. India is really rich in bird life besides.

The Indian Inachis io. with its glorious bluish feather. is the national bird. Several other species. such as ducks. pheasants. partridges. jungle poultry.

quails. green pigeons. mina. bulbuls. parrakeets. hornbills. Heros. and Cranes.

etc. are a familiar sight. The rivers and lakes harbor crocodiles. gharries and a big variety’ of autochthonal fish.

Trout is common in hill watercourses and the wolf is found in most of the big rivers.Sometimes it is asked why we should continue wildlife and preserve woods when we ourselves need more land for agribusiness. lodging and industries. Obviously. these inquiries and questions betray our ignorance and incorrect precedences.

Wildlife is an indispensable and built-in portion of nature. The wild birds. animate beings. insects and reptilians help to keep a balance in nature and preservation of environment. They are at that place to enrich and do our life more gratifying and meaningful. The lessening in their Numberss is bound to act upon the ecology and quality of our life adversely.They are every bit good an indispensable portion of nature as we are.

They are a changeless and renewable beginning of nutrient. medical specialty. and protection of environment. Nothing is useless in nature. That is why they find such an of import topographic point in our art. civilization. faith.

literature and mythology. Without them more than half the appeal of human life would be destroyed. They all are our great friends. without whom we can non make. For illustration.

serpents protect our harvests by destructing gnawers ; vultures and kites. etc. make our scavenging work ; king of beastss and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams. etc. eep the cervid population in cheque and the birds and insects help in fertilization of fruits. flowers and harvests.Fish.

cervid. poultry. pheasants. coneies.

partridges. wild American bisons. and pigs. etc. supply us meat.

If there were no birds. life would be without much sweet music. coloring material. recreation.

consolation and beauty. These birds. animals. insects and reptilians form an built-in portion of nature. human life. and national wealth.

In other words. wildlife is truly cherished and it is our bounden responsibility to continue and protect it.From a tourist’s point of position. our wildlife is a great attractive force. They help us in gaining cherished foreign exchange. There are many things in life which are indispensable but we are rarely witting of their importance. This applies to wildlife every bit good. The extinction of many species of wildlife in India has sounded the warning bells.

Thank God that we have non turned a deaf ear to these signals. We have the Zoological Survey of India ( ZSI ) . with its central offices in Kolkata and 16 regional Stationss spread all over. for appraising the fauna resources of the state.The Wildlife Protection Act. 1972. governs the wildlife preservation and protection of endangered species both inside and outside the wood.

Under this Act. trade in rare and endangered species has been banned. It is a knowable offense to kill these species. There are soon 75 national Parkss.

421 wildlife sanctuaries and 35 zoological gardens in the state. covering about 4. 5 % of the geographical country. But still much remains to be done to protect and conserve wildlife in India.


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