Wife- Anti Feminist Opinion Essay

Wife- Anti Feminist OpinionIntroduction            The role of the wife has drastically changed in the last 50 years in this nation.

A wife was to primarily fulfill the role of helpmate to her husband and mother to her children, only venturing out of the bounds of the household to be involved in charity work. Submission has almost become a dirty word in today’s society when applied to marriage. (Ephesians 5:21)  The Greek word for submission is upotasso: upo (under) + tasso (arrange or organize) which essentially means to organize or arrange yourself under the person to whom you are submitting. This is a Biblical imperative statement – in other words not optional, but a command.  (Ephesians 5:22-24) Submission is not obedience; obey does not appear in the Bible in relation to wives as it does relating to children and slaves. A wife is to submit to her husband not because she is inferior in an inferior role but because she is in a different Role.The Important of Husband in Wife’s Life            My husband is important for me because he defend me no matter my causes (Stollberger, 2006), a husband that I need to cook to.  I benefits from him being my companion by having someone whom I can share day-to-day activities with.

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He is important because he can give me children to take care with. It also important to me that he is dependent on me in everything, like cooking cleaning the house, washing his dress and taking some of his assignment.( Case from Judy Brady).

            Husband is important to me because they are created to love to listen to their weaknesses, their follies, their imperfections, love them all the more, it may be, for that reason. (Wilde, 2006) A woman needs a man to change of name. A wife needs husband for sexual enjoyment. Man created to adore according to the Bible a wife is called by God to love her husband, and it is very important to the marriage that she do so. (SARR, 2006)            Woman needs man to be complete and she needs him to help her manage her life.

Woman needs a man to spend her life and be with him forever. Woman is blessed to have husband for their daughter needs father. My daughter needs father to share their emotions defined their significance, and understood their value.

(Ware, 2006)            Woman needs men who won’t compromise the truth; men who are true to their word, and men who are trustworthy.  We base this objective on the covenant-keeping nature of God.  Because He is faithful to fulfill all of His promises, He is our model. Women used to rely on gentlemen to protect them from louts and predators. We need men to perform their traditional role of protectors of women. Woman needs a man in the house to call it a home. Many women are seeking with men and outline the skills necessary for women to realize powerful, satisfying relationships with all of the men in their lives.

(PAX Programs Incorporated, 2006)            A woman loves a man by acquiescing and trusting, not challenging and competing. She gives him the power to grant her wishes (i.e. love her). Of course he will consult her. Find a man with a powerful positive vision of life with a central place for you.

Generally speaking, the man “makes the house, the woman makes the home.” This division of labor is natural and complementary. Women are designed to have and nurture children. They need men to support them. Learn how to be a homemaker and mother. Develop your personality and skills to be more desirable as a wife and companion. (Makow, 2006)            Men are wonderful—they’re unique, they’re our counter-balances. Men are worth more than the treatment and abuse they’ve been receiving.

Men are not all crummy; most desire an equal relationship with a woman they love. (Marsala, 2006)            The woman needs a man to complete her life it is only a man who can give child to a woman. Having a child makes a woman fulfilled having a child makes a family complete. The man is the ultimate happiness of a woman.

It is the men who can make the heart of a woman appreciate the meaning of love.Conclusion            Even today women may be richer and enjoy all the trappings of success but, deep down in their psyche, they fear they can’t survive alone. These women may be shooting up the career ladder and earning more than the men in their lives, but when it comes to relationships men still hold the trump card Nick Neave said.The Rockefellers trick women into forgetting that they are part of a natural cycle, and the ages of 18-25 are critical to starting a family. In the same way as the apple tree blossoms in the spring, young women need to marry and have children when nature intended. The Rockefellers want women and men to miss the opportunity to start strong families that will protect them from enslavement.References“A Woman of Strength”. Sexual Addiction Recovery Resources.

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