Why Not to Drop the Atomic Bomb Essay

My name is XXXXXXX, I work with the Secretary of Defense. I have consulted him for years in matters of foreign affairs. It has come to my attention that you are wavering the use of an atomic bomb. I have been following the development of the ungodly weapon for quite some time now, ever since 1942, when more than 100,000 scientists were gathered together to work on the Manhattan Project. In specific, I believe it’s my moral obligation to report the information I’ve gathered from the 37 installations across the United States that have been developing the atomic bomb.Once I saw the mushroom cloud that seemed to touch stratosphere in New Mexico on July 16th 1945, I knew this thing should never be used against people, ever.

As the atomic bomb is the most dangerous weapon created to date, I suggest you take carful consideration and close attention to my reasoning. The use of an atomic bomb to settle in differences between countries sets a bad example to the rest of the world. There will be a day when these countries will have enough money to create and own bombs and they will remember the stage we have set for expected retaliations during times of war.Weaponry that affects the lives of civilians should only be used in last and worst case scenarios because we wouldn’t want other countries sending bombs to our citizens if we didn’t agree with them. It has been estimated that bombing the two cities will kill between 150,000 to 250,000 people. We wouldn’t want that kind of revenge coming back to us, especially because revenge does not even the score, it surpasses it. Sending this bomb to the civilians in Japan will tell the rest of the world that atomic bombs are fair game in matters of disagreements and that we are prepared to take lives in other countries and in the US.The purpose of the bomb and the execution do not align.

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According to my source, political economist Gar Alperovitz (“Atomic Bomb” History. co. uk), the purpose is to display power and fear to the rest of the world, especially Russia and the Soviet Union. Displaying power and fear does not mean we have to kill civilians, especially since we might be biting off more than we can chew, as mentioned earlier. I suggest bombing close to Japan, in the water or somewhere that could be seen, as suggested by British Group Captain Cheshire (“Date With History: Hiroshima” History.

o. uk). This will be just as effective in displaying our power and instilling fear. In fact, it will show we are powerful and just. It will be a warning that we have the power and can use it if disagreements escalate. That way, we wont have to worry about a future counter-attack plan.

We do not have to kill civilians in order to display power and instill fear; a warning would be just as effective. The size of the bomb is too large. If the purpose is to display power and instill fear and a warning is not enough, then consider revising the magnitude of the bomb.As my sources also suggest another goal is to destroy the important army depot, killing up to 250,000 civilians supersedes the goal. I suggest we do an isolated bombing of the facilities. That way we do not create such a large risk to our own citizens and magnificent country and we still satisfy our goals: to display our power, instill fear, and stop the manufacturing and receiving of military equipment. You see, President Truman, the risks are high, but we remediate those risks with my suggested plan.Killing up to 250,000 people by disintegrating them is a despicable plan to display power, instill fear, and destroy army depots.

It is likely other countries will see war as a solution to problem remediation, which we wouldn’t want because the moment they we have a disagreement with them, an atomic bomb will be a their first recourse to action. In addition, when Japan has enough money to create an atomic bomb, we will be at risk of an attack to our civilians.In addition, killing 250,000 people isn’t justified if we want to cut off army supplies.

Therefore, I propose we conduct isolated bombing of their manufacturing facilities. That way, United States citizens will not be at risk of death and we will gain all of the benefit we want to see, which is the world knowing we are powerful, should be feared, and we can force countries to bend to our whim if we want.Work CitedPrimary: “Video.

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