Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Why is New York city fascinating? Essay

Why is New York city fascinating? Essay


Usually considered as American’s leading destination for entertainment, culture, food and nightlife, New York City has got the ability to arouse the mind, swirl the soul and fascinate an individual. With world-class theaters, museums, nightclubs, cultural events, top class restaurants and excellent food, New York City can captivate and gratify all ages and all tastes. The Gothanmist (2007) clearly points out that New York City is the biggest city in the U.S; it has a metropolitan area which is ranked as being amongst the biggest urban district in the whole world.

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New York City is a major global trade and financial center. The city impacts global scene on entertainment, fashion, media, arts education and even advertisement.  New York neighborhoods as well as landmarks are famous around the whole world, for example the statue of liberty.  As at 2005 more than 160 languages were being spoken in New York City with a population of 35% which was born away from U.S. (Topousis, 2008). The city boosts of a 24 hour subway and continuous busy traffic and also people. This makes the city at times be referred to as “the city which never sleeps or the Big Apple” (Topousis, 2008). Such names affirm how fascinations New York City offers and how exciting it is to live in this city.

 This paper is going to lack at various aspects which makes New York City fascinating. Cultural diversity, Entertainment and night life and Food and Dinning aspects will be examined in details. Also, the Puerto Rican parade day, which is a national festive day in New York City will also be highlight to reveal how fascinating and attractive it is.

Culture and diversity

New York City has a very diverse and rich culture that is just attractive, as one author Topousis, (2008). puts it “culture simply seems to be in the surrounding, just like part of the air” several important American cultural lobby groups started in new York, an example is the Harlem Renaissance., that founded the African-American legendary in the U.S. new York was a  hub of jazz  way back in 1940 and it is still maintains a high number of jazz clubs, the city also was the center of abstract expression which was popular in 1950. Hip hop music is also said to have originated in New York in the 70s. The city also produced hardcore and punk pictures which were very dominant in the70s and 80s.  All these aspects and much more have made the city to be a fascinating place to be for a long time.

With a population of more than 8 million people, the city is as said earlier is the biggest in U.S and very diverse. All types of people feel comfortable and attracted saying in this city. A the more than 35%  foreign population which stay here maintain the rich melting pot status which makes the city renowned (The Gothanmist, 2007). This rich diversity makes the city to be exceptional cultural influences on the people both residents and visitors. The best and most brilliant performers and artists are attracted to come to New York City, where they produce high-quality world acclaimed music, dance film, art and theater.

Attractive Museums

New York City has got attractive museums with fascinating collections for all museum lovers. Some of the these museums includes the world renowned Metropolitan museum of Art, The national Lighthouse Museum , House of queens museum, The Brooklyn Children museum and many more. In particular, the New York transit Museum presents an attractive view at the growth of New York City transportation system. (Homberger, 2005)

Movie- Lovers fascination

Movie lovers are [presented with exceptional films at various art theatres for example film forum, IFC Theater, the Angelika and Film center, not forgetting the screening rooms. With a huge number of 67 movies theaters spread across all boroughs of the city, New York City is the place to be when you want to watch the next block buster film or movie. In deed, a lot of new Yorkers as well find themselves staggering across different live movie sets being shot within the city all through the year.

Entertainment and night life

New York City is very fascinating and striking when it comes to entrainment and night life, the city has high class and captivating entertainment spots and night clubs which offer different kinds of entertainments to those who want to enjoy a night life. For example, there are broadways shows; television shows comedy acts and performance art which offer top class entertainment. Every kind of entertainment provides an exciting way to get entertained to all.

Venues big and small

New York City boosts of venues which provides mainstream as well as underground performances. These venues offer the chances for any one who wants to see big-names personalities who frequent a number of big venues. For instance, the Madison Square Garden offers a wonderful spot for viewing the top performers. The city also has the world-renowned Rockettes at Radio city music hall that is a top class entertainment spot. However, for smaller, highly cherished performance experiences, the city offer residents and visitors the Mercury Lounge or the Knitting Factory which are fascinating places to be. (NYEDC, 2008)

Theater attractions in the city

Broadways lights are attractive to both residents and visitors who are fascinated by live theater. New York has got a total number of 39 different Broadway theaters which provide vast variation of plays, musical comedies together with other varied theatrical works which can be found in any big city. In addition to that, New York City provides an occasion named New York international Fringe Festival where one can catch fresh and more exciting high class performance. A lot of Broadway shows began at the fringe festival and more are probably on their way. (NYEDC, 2008)

Outdoor summer experiences

Lopate (2004) observes that, summertime brings in broad different outdoor experiences all across New York City, a lot of these events are open freely t the public. For instance, central park presents “Shakespeare in the park” as well as “Opera in the Park”. In addition, Bryant Parks also presents a number of weekly movies which are shown on big out door screens. Generally all through the city there are similar experiences organized for both residents and visitors in New York City making the city a place with memorable experiences to experience.

Food and Dinning

Food and dining stands out as a big business in New York City, As at 2007 the dinning industry was boosting of more than 106, 000 employees bringing  almost $6 billion in terms of sales. With more than 6, 300 restaurants across the city, New York City has all kinds of dinning places; first-class restaurants, top class street food sellers, cozy cafeterias and small neighborhood spots. In addition, New York City is a home to various celebrated chefs like Mario Batali, Bobby Flay and Danny Meyer. (Topousis, 2008)

True cuisine across New York City

Whenever one is in the mood of celebrating an exceptional event or just staying in your jacket and having a fast snack, New York City has got real regional cuisines across the city. In Chinatown district for example offers a dim sum of Chinese cuisines while Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn offers Middle Eastern cuisines or Italian cuisines on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. On the other hand, the East Village provides dinners with discrete little India as well as Brighton Beach serving a broad variety of Russian food. With these many choices of eating and dining places in New York City, the difficult task is choosing where to eat and dine.

Distinctive New York City food

New York City distinctive food is talked about in food network and also in food magazines. The food is enjoyed by both the residents together with the visitors. New York City provides old favorites food menu and fresh new tempting menu which are exclusively New York and very enticing. Whether it is Ray’s original pizza or Lombardi, Nathan or Steaks Murray, Katz, H&H, Papaya hot dogs, Peter Luger or Sandwiches, diverse people come from different parts to gratify their hunger.

Festivals and events: Puerto Rican day parade

With crowds of more than two million people lining up the Fifth Avenue, dancing singing and cheering, Puerto Rican day parade is a fascinating and exciting day celebrated every year in New York City for so many years now. As it was in 2006 when over 80, 000 participants marched on the Avenue and nearly two million spectators were present to parade themselves along the route, the occasion provides a picturesque view that is very attractive.   The parade usually attracts a lot of celebrities who are Puerto Rican as well as those who are of Puerto Rican birthright. (NYEDC, 2008)

The event is used to unite New Yorkers and the New York tradition of Puerto Rican day. The day commemorates the exceptional contributions made by Puerto Rican people in building New York City, and the diversity Puerto Ricans offers to the city

Night life

In spite of New York City becoming more highly regarded for tourists, the city is fully of night clubs and spots that are very attractive to those who love partying.

Jazz clubs: the city is the center of jazz maestros. Each of the great names in jazz started from New York City. And the young and up coming stars gather in the city for an opportunity to show their talent. The list is long and those who love jazz will definitely have a great time in the city.

Trendy music venues: nearly each band which tours the U.S longs or plays or performs in New York City, the bands that perform here gets a chance to rock the patrons in popular clubs and discover new showcasing acts.

Nightlife for teenagers: the best and fantastic aspect of New York City nightlife is that even those aged as young as 16 can get in a number of hot night spots specifically on a number of nights of the week. These clubs offers entrainments activities particularly music and discos nightlife lovers that is captivating. (Lundrigan, 2004)


New York city is the biggest city in America with diverse exciting culture,  good food, fabulous nightlife, top class museums and theaters offering  varied entertainment activities and restaurants with serve each one’s needs. The city has been named the ‘Big Apple’ to imply how attractive the captivating New York city is. With a 24 hour subway and continuous busy traffic and also people, the city offers fantastic and lively experiences which each one of us should experience.


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