Why Is Honesty Important in Being a Knight? Essay

To be honest is to be truthful, reliable, and not lie all at the same time. It means you don’t lie, and you don’t deceive. It is a genuine, heartfelt act and a sign of integrity. If you are honest, you are willing to tell the truth even at a loss. Although “honesty” is known by many people, they don’t seem to understand its true meaning.

Usually, people think honesty and truthfulness are the same. But when you are truthful, a person will tell the truth out of respect for themselves and others. A person who is honest doesn’t have to be asked to tell the truth.Honesty is a much more reliable feature, because it is difficult to be and maintain. Overall honesty strengthens your character and improves relationships with others.

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Honesty can be used in encouraging others and not criticizing them. Honesty is the best character trait because you will earn and have trust from other. When you lie, someone’s trust for you weakens and soon no one will ever trust you.

It shows that you trust them or yourself enough to let that other person know that you will only tell them the truth. They say that “honesty is the best policy”.If you are honest, more people will believe you.

An honest shop-keeper will have more customers than a dishonest shop-keeper. Yes, the dishonest shop-keeper may gain money by cheating some people for a while but soon no one will believe him. An honest person is also respected. When you are honest you become confident and can undertake life issues the right way. An honest life style reduces stress which is brought about by being dishonest. Honesty is a crucial trait in the code of chivalry because if a knight is dishonest, the king will not trust him, and no other knight will either.

If a knight is honest, he will always have a person to back him up and help him during a fight. Also, the king will know to rely on that knight and be able to send him out on quests or help him with his kingdom. Everyone would know that an honest knight will live up to his values. A knight that’s honorable will be true to his word, and will not take promises lightly.

He will answer all questions honestly and more people will depend him. If no one was honest, then there would be chaos and distrust in the land.


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