Why is English Important to me? Essay

English is an important language since it is the most widely spoken language in the world. A majority of the inhabitants of several nations speaks English as a first language, such as U.S., England and Canada.

It is a prevalent language all over the world. Hence, speaking English is a prime way to communicate with others. That is why English is important to me.Undoubtedly, English takes a major place in education In Hong Kong. Most of the students under the education system are taught with English since primary school. We study English as a core subject, which is the running mate of Chinese and Mathematics. What we need to notice about is that many authors of subjects’ textbook publish them with English. With the knowledge of English, we can learn and study the textbooks more conveniently without translation.

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Not only can we understand the content accurately, but also consolidate English phrases. English is a stepping stone for us to study other subjects. Don’t you see the importance of English?Nevertheless, English is a necessary access of a successful career. Apart from experiences, companies esteem interviews’ English practical skills. Decent practical skills of English help workers compose reports, projects, and promotions in English with higher quality. When the company associates with oversea companies, a worker who masters English well would be chosen as the representative of the company. This is because with well-spoken English, the worker can discuss fluently during meetings and shoot for benefits to the company.

Hence, sophisticated English practical skills distinguish one from others. Therefore English is a critical way to lead me a successful career.Alongside, English endues me confidence. It is an indispensable ‘element’ forms confidence as I can proudly pronounce English in front of others. Under the effect of globalization, more and more foreigners leave their hometowns for Hong Kong. This gives me a chance to socialize with them. Whenever I encounter foreigners, I would confidently speak with them and address their difficulties if they have any. Eventually, my confidence becomes more intense and stronger.

Now I can even direct foreign travelers to their destination. Their pleasant appreciation to me really makes me feel satisfied. Now you can see that boosting confidence through English is crucial.As conclusion, English is pivotal language to me. Indeed, my English is way too long to be perfect. But it already served me as a medium to learn many other things in English.

It may also lead me a successful career in the following days. It yet polishes my confidence. I hope English, one of the most important language in my life, will always string along with me.


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