Why I Want Be a Teacher Essay

There are many different reasons why people become teachers. Some become teachers because they think it’s an easy job. Some like the benefit of being able to work half the year.

Other chooses the benefit of actually being a positive influence in a child’s development. The reason I want to be a teacher is simple, I want to be able to impact a child life the way was impacted by my teachers when I was younger. This is the biggest reward for me.And, the pay is really as not as bad as people say it is when you’re young and don’t have a family. As A young child I played a lot of sports.

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My best sport was football but sport I enjoyed the most was basketball. I did not get to play this sport a lot as a child, but when I did I was thrilled to play it. Once I got to high School I thought I was set with my career path. I wanted to be lawyer that would later on in life become a superior court judge. I even remember that being the theme and background behind my senior project.But towards the end of the school year the new head basketball coach started a youth feeder basketball team and asked if I wanted to help coach the kids because he felt that I had a great insight for the game and could be a good coach. I never looked back since then and have been coaching youth basketball for the past 4 years. The great work I did on and off the court with the youth landing me a job at the local middle school in my community as an intervention counselor.

While working there I become interested in teaching. The way I touched the student on the court, I believed I could do the same in a classroom setting. This is what has inspired me to become a teacher. The reason I choose the special education field is because I love seeing those student make accomplishment and both of my brothers are mentally challenged. I feel with a strong will and a great attitude toward education I can make a world of difference to education and coaching.


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