Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Why For Your Video Marketing Campaigns Video

Why For Your Video Marketing Campaigns Video

Why And How To Use “How-To” Videos For
Your Video Marketing Campaigns


Video marketing is considered as one of the best
way to bring in new traffic from sources which are still untapped by most

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YouTube, one of the biggest video content
platform currently has 1.5 billion monthly active users. Facebook, one of
the largest social media platform recently started focusing on video content. Currently,
Facebook Video is growing at a rapid rate.


Video marketing helps to capitalize on current
consumer trends. One of the most popular video-types is “How-to” videos. How-to
searches are incredibly popular. According to Think With Google, how-to
searches are increasing 70% year-over-year on YouTube.

If you are planning to get
into video marketing with how-to videos, here are some tips for you.


1.     Strategize
using buyer personas

Create buyer personas and use these to inform your
strategy. What types of questions does your audience ask about your product?
What questions do they ask about your industry? What problems does your product
solve that you could demonstrate in a video?









To know about the types of searches your target
audience is conducting, you can take help of tools such as Google Trends. This
will give ideas about what content you could create to answer those questions.


2.   Establish

If you are looking to sell more content, try to position
yourself as a leader. Establishing yourself or the brand as an expert on
specific topics within your industry is critical for credibility.

But, keep in mind the two main things that will help you
to establish yourself in the market – Entertainment and Knowledge. Try to
provide the most informative how-to style content. It goes without saying that you
need to make it entertaining enough for users to stick around.



3.   Use proof
to establish trust

Presenting proof is everything when it comes to
building a brand online. If you don’t have any proof that your business can and has helped other people, it is
very difficult for users to know if they can trust you.

Social proof works just like an online review. It
demonstrates credibility and shows that you are the go-to person or business to
resolve a specific pain point.


Shorter is better

Twitter videos are capped at 30 seconds, Instragram
started with a 15-second maximum, but it is now moving to 60 seconds, and
Snapchat videos are capped at 10 seconds.

With at least 55% of videos watched on mobile
devices running under 5 minutes, Ooyala’s Global Video Index suggests
that short video is ideal for smartphone users.

Also, shorter videos are optimal for creating
shareable content intended for engagement.  According to Single Grain,
92% of mobile users share videos, thus it helps to create brand awareness and
encourages users to distribute your videos.

Videos are compelling way to learn something
online because, well, the video shows you exactly how to do it. So if you’re
among the many marketers producing more video content this year, there could be
a lot of value in making videos specifically for those in your audience who are
trying to learn how to do something.

A recent study found that 73% of consumers are more
likely to make a purchase after watching How To videos explaining a product or
service. If you want the fastest way to build trust with your potential
customers, make How To videos.

Think With
Google conducted a study on YouTube to know what
feelings the content triggered. The results reveal that the people spoke most
frequently of feeling “prepared,” “smarter,” and “inspired” after watching


According to Think With
Google, 50% of 18- to 34-year-old YouTube subscribers would stop what they
were doing just to watch a newly-released video from their favorite channel.



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