Why do people read certain media articles? Essay

Reasons for why people are attracted to articles released in the assorted media

There are many grounds why people are drawn to articles released in the assorted media. Some grounds include the seasonableness of articles released, its prominence and propinquity to the readers. Conflicts and effects are another two grounds why people are attracted to articles. Often, both intelligence associating to human involvement and the unusualness of it are of involvement, as it gives people subjects to speak about in their day-to-day lives. In this study, I’ll elaborate more on the grounds.


Geting information out to the populace in a timely mode is highly of import as this information could impact determinations, cause incommodiousness or could even intend the difference between life and decease. A recent illustration would be the Little India public violence that happened on the 8th of December 2013. As the public violence occurred around 9:20pm, people could be traveling place or on their manner someplace for their ain pleasance, if non for pictures being posted on societal media like Facebook and Twitter, the figure of casualties and hurts could hold been higher. Because intelligence of the public violence got out in a timely mode via societal media, members of the populace avoided the country.


Prominence of the topic in the intelligence plays a cardinal function in the quality of an article. Anyone and anything can be more outstanding than something else in relativity. For illustration, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean sing the Police Central Division during the haze period would hold taken precedency over the dislocation of the MRT, merely because he is a politician and he’s giving support to the Police in times of adversities whereas the dislocation of the MRT has occurs often to an extent that it has become less of import.

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The propinquity of the intelligence is another ground as to why people are drawn to articles. How close the event took topographic point to the reader is of more involvement than something else go oning on another continent. For illustration, when Flight MH370 disappeared, one guess was that the plane had been hijacked by terrorists. Because it is closer to place, it poses an immediate concern to the citizens of Singapore, we start being concern as to whether the Singapore boundary line security is capable of maintaining our people and state safe Whereas an temblor go oning so far off, does non straight impact our day-to-day lives.


News with effects is of great involvement to reader because said intelligence affects us straight, for better or for worse. A recent illustration would be the addition of retirement nest eggs in the citizen’s Central Provident Fund ( CPF ) from SGD $ 148,000 to SGD $ 155,000 for those who turn 55 between 1stJuly this twelvemonth and 30ThursdayJune following twelvemonth. As this straight affects the people of Singapore, readers will pay more attending to inside informations with respects to this.

Human involvement

Articles that are of human involvement, for illustration, technological promotions, famous person chitchats both local and abroad or even advancement in wellness attention, can be of involvement, every bit long as it’s of involvement to the reader by and large. A recent illustration of an article sing human involvement would be the proclamation of Apple showcasing its iPhone 6 in Aug, in front of clip expected by people watching the industry.

Fans of the merchandise will be interested in the following embodiment of the Smartphone, bring forthing bombilation as the day of the month draws closer.


Conflict is of involvement to readers as the result could be a treatment point between them or it could impact us. An illustration of struggle that happened comparatively late would be the General Elections in 2011, where the Workers’ Party of Singapore contended with the People’s Action Party ( PAP ) for seats in the Parliament of Singapore, where the consequences of the election could intend the difference in the economic system of Singapore and the lives of its people.


Unusualness in a narrative could function as a speaking point in conversations or merely as a point of involvement or even serve as a heads-up or general information. A recent illustration of unusualness in a narrative would be when a housewife was bitten by a serpent in her ain place. As serpents are rarely seen in urban countries, it is of involvement to the populace.

Qualities of a good article

While narratives and facts may hold their ain virtues and interesting point for members of the populace to read, it is still up to the journalist to model it to the best it can be every bit good as being oculus catching so that it ‘ll pull the attending of readers and pull them into the article. The followers will lucubrate more on the qualities of a good article.


Normally this would be the first thing readers look out for. Headlines have to be interested to be able to capture the reader ‘s attending. The headline has to be brief, direct and easy understood, so readers are able to hold a quick and general thought of what the intelligence is about without holding to read the full narrative.


The lead is found at the beginning of the narrative, it is the portion of the article that draws the reader in. A lead has to be luring, so as to acquire the reader to read on to happen out more about the article. It is normally written in one sentence and contains the most of import information.

It besides has to sum up the chief point.

Support for the lead

While the lead contains the most of import information, it needs to be supported with facts, quotation marks and statements to give readers context for the narrative. It is like the anchor for the narrative ; it supports the lead with background inside informations.

Without it, information may non be understood and may even be misinterpreted as a consequence.

Quotation marks or sound bites

After the lead, the chief part of the narrative should be filled with information from the assorted beginnings gathered during the interview. If there is a strong quotation mark, it ‘s normally placed after the lead and is known as the “ lead quotation mark ” . Its intent is provides maximal impact on the narrative to the reader. Though non necessary for all articles, it does aids do it interesting.


In a good article, the journalist should explicate the effect of the topic in the article, be it good or non and how does it impact the reader in their day-to-day lives or in the long tally. The cardinal point is to present the chief ground for the narrative and informing them the impact of the intelligence to them, even if it may non straight impact them.


A good article needs ascription.

Readers want to cognize where did the information semen from, who told the journalist the facts and why should the beginning be trusted. It is particularly of import to impute quotation marks and statement from their beginnings to give them credibleness. It gives readers the assurance that what they ‘re having is reliable intelligence.

Context /Background

The context is at that place to give the reader a different point of position and to assist them understand the ground for the information in the article. Without context, there is no point of mention for the readers, doing it difficult to cognize the importance of the information or relate to the article.


Amplification works in tandem with context, frequently supplying more information to further explicate the article itself.

It can be statements or quotation marks ; anything that provides more inside informations. In this portion of the narrative, other position aid give a sense of equity and balance.

Fairness and truth

In a narrative that has struggle, it is of import that remarks are heard from all sides involved to avoid being misunderstood as prejudice. Beginnings have to be attributed so as to supply a clear image as to whom said what.


Visuals like exposures and in writing illustrations, such as charts and drawings are of import when showing information.

It provides a ocular representation of the subject, for illustration, the addition of revenue enhancements over the old ages. It ‘s easier to read a graph than to treat information by reading merely words.


Endings normally include a note for farther action, a statement or cite that contains no perennial information, does n’t sum up everything or elaborates more on the subject.

Most authors normally end with extra class of action, a statement or a quotation mark.


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