Why Benjamin Franklin Embodies The American Enlightenment Essay


Essay, Research PaperWhy Benjamin Franklin Embodies The American Enlightenment.During the 16 and 17 100s an enlightenment was taking topographic point. An American enlightenment. During this enlightenment people began to see things otherwise. They began to inquire inquiries like how and why. Peoples alternatively of looking to god for an reply they looked to science. They began to see things as miracles of opportunity alternatively creative activities of God. Benjamin Franklin, a New England Puritan, ironically embodied this enlightenment.

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Benjamin Franklin was born in 1706 to a tallow shaper. He became a pressmans apprentice and began to compose a figure of satiric pieces for his brothers paper. Though he was puritan he viewed things otherwise. In his life clip he invented many things including the glass mouth organ, bifocals, and the Franklin range. Though he was puritan he performed many scientific experiments. He, along with many other people began to see his instruction on a different degree with God.

He alternatively of trusting on God for his replies began to happen them for himself. This position of scientific discipline was going more and more widespread. Peoples during the enlightenment viewed scientific discipline as a wholly different subject than faith, though the two were rather overlapped at the clip. All the old information had been basic and ruled by the church. The church s position of scientific discipline was that it was a wickedness. Though people were sing scientific discipline as tool they were wary of the reverberations of utilizing it.

Benjamin Franklin used scientific discipline to seek to do himself perfect by doing a list of what he viewed as virtuousnesss. The list is as follows:h Temperance- Eat non to dullness ; imbibe non to lift.H Silence-Speak non but what may profit others or yourself ; avoid piddling conversation.h Order- Let all things have their topographic points ; allow each portion of your concern hold its clip.h Resolution- Resolve to execute what you ought: execute without neglect what you resolve.h Frugality- Make no disbursal but to good to others or yourself.

h Industry- Lose no clip: be ever employed in something utile: cut off all unneeded actions.H Sincerity- Use no hurtful fraudulenceh Justice- Wrong none by making hurts, or excluding the benefits that are your responsibilityh Moderation- Avoid extremesh Cleanliness- Tolerate no dirtiness in organic structureh Tranquility- Be non disturbed at trifles, or at accidents common or ineluctable.h Chastity- Rarely usage venery but for wellness or progeny.h Humility- Imitate Jesus and SocratesFranklin used this list scientifically by making a chart and trying to hone himself by following his list. An experiment. His consequences: No adult male can be perfect, it is impossible. Franklin realized some unchangeable truths, the footing of scientific discipline.

Many followed Franklin s illustration and applied scientific discipline to their ain lives. This taking the American Enlightenment.Benjamin Franklin non merely embodied the American Enlightenment, he helped to take it. Many followed his illustrations and created the train that led to our positions of the universe today. His usage of scientific discipline gave us many tools we still use today.

Franklin today is known as a bookman, musician, brilliant politician and for his superb humor. What we have omitted in retrieving though is his prima function in the American enlightenment.


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