Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Why Are Only Catholics Schools Funded in Ontario Essay

Why Are Only Catholics Schools Funded in Ontario Essay

Why are only Catholic Schools Funded? I would like to propose a change to the current Ontarian policy in which catholic schools are a hundred percent governmentally funded, I am proposing that either all religion based schools get funded or none of them should. This policy is clearly biased against other faith-based schools. Ontario is the only province in Canada which funds Catholics schools only among the different religious based schools.

Other provinces across the country either partially fund all the faith based schools or none of them altogether (Gillespie). This is a great disadvantage to those parents of other religion who may want to send their children to faith based school because while the parents who chooses to send their children to a catholic school do not have to pay for their child’s tuition, the parents who chooses to send their children to either Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, or another religion have to pay between two hundred to over five hundred dollars a month.

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All of these parents are required to pay taxes however only the catholic parents are having their children’s education paid for. It is inconceivable how a democratic government does not see the discrimination with funding one region’s school and not other religions’ schools. The Ontarian government argues that funding catholic schools has been rooted in our history (Gillespie), referring to the nineteenth century when most individuals would either be classified as a catholic or a protestant (one school), which is why this law was widely accepted.

I argue that the times have changed; Canada has become immensely diverse since the nineteenth century, there are many religions that are now being practiced throughout Canada. It is unconstitutional to grant certain rights to one religion and not others. In conclusion I am proposing that the Ontarian government either grants equal funding to all faith based schools or does not fund any faith based schools, so as to protect and practice equality of religion.

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