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Who Killed Kennedy? Essay, Research PaperDid the Mafia kill John F. Kennedy?The Sun was reflecting on Friday, November 22, 1963, when the Dallas crowd heard the shootings pealing out that killed the president of the United States, John F. Kennedy. Kennedy was wounded while siting in a motorcade through the hostile metropolis of Dallas in an unfastened convertible. ( Waggoner, 8 ) The suspect arrested was Lee Harvey Oswald, but Oswald would be dead by the terminal of the twenty-four hours due to a gunfire lesion, from a adult male named Jack Ruby. Since Oswald was no longer around to give his statement, many people have to inquire who truly killed Kennedy. Was Oswald portion of a Mafia confederacy to assassinate president Kennedy, or did he move entirely?Attorney General Robert Kennedy, and President John F.

Kennedy put their political power together to check down on organized offense. John Kennedy served on the McClellan Committee which investigated the relationship between organized offense and American labour brotherhoods. The commission s findings were amazing, so when John Kennedy became President of the United States, he vowed to cut down the & # 8220 ; mafia s & # 8221 ; condemnable activity. Robert Kennedy, John s brother, was the main advocate of the McClellan Committee and when appointed Attorney General he increased staff at the Justice Department and created a particular organized offense unit in the section. ( Waggnoer 52 ) In 1960, there were merely 30 five strong beliefs, whereas in 1963, the& # 8220 ; Kennedy Era & # 8221 ; , the strong beliefs rose to two hundred and eighty eight. ( Waggoner 52 ) Three high ranking Mafia leaders, Jimmy Hoffa, Carlos Marcello, and Santos Trafficante, were infuriated with the Kennedys and had great desire to see them eliminated from office.Jimmy Hoffa was a immense figure in the organized offense universe.

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His name was synonymous with blackwashs, drugs, and other major offenses. ( Waggoner 53 ) Hoffa one time spoke to a close friend, Edward Partin about the possibility of killing Robert Kennedy while siting in unfastened convertible. He went on to state that it would hold to be someplace in the South where his politcal positions were strongly opposed, so it would look like the bravo was person that merely despised him.

This theory would switch all of the incrimination off any confederacy by the Mafia. But Hoffa knew that it was truly John F. Kennedy that had all of the power, so if John was taken out, so the & # 8220 ; bosom & # 8221 ; of the Kennedys would be gone and Robert s powers would be limited. ( Waggoner 55 )The following Mafia leader, Carlos Marcello was one of the chief felons that John and Robert Kennedy focused on.

Marcello was a major Mafia leader in Cuba. Fidel Castro, the President of Cuba, cracked down on organized offense and deported Marcello out of his state. The United States had the pleasance of being the state that Marcello next set up his offense constitution in. Robert Kennedy found out that Marcello was non a U.S. legal occupant, so he deported him back to his place state of Guatemala.

Edward Becker, a fomer Marcello associate, testified that Marcello hated Robert, but realized that John was the bigger job, and he besides explained to Becker what program was necessary to manage him. Harmonizing to Becker s testimony, Marcello stated & # 8220 ; the Canis familiariswill maintain biting you if you merely cut off it tail & # 8221 ; , so to work out the job, the Canis familiaris s caput would hold to be cut off so that & # 8220 ; the full Canis familiaris would decease & # 8221 ; . ( Waggoner 58 ) Hoffa and Marcello had admitted to being good friends. They were besides good friends with the 3rd angry organized offense leader, Santos Trafficante.Trafficante was a go-to adult male when blackwashs needed to be carried out.

The CIA plotted an blackwash of Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, and the adult male they called was Trafficante. He figured that if he helped acquire rid of Castro, so organized offense would one time once more be tolerated in Cuba so he would non be bothered by the Kennedys any longer. Trafficante particularly hated the Kennedy brothers for seting uninterrupted force per unit area on two of his good friends, Carlos Marcello and Jimmy Hoffa.

He excessively told a friend of his hatred and program of how to acquire rid of the & # 8220 ; job & # 8221 ; . When Jose Aleman was quesitoned, he quoted Trafficante and stating & # 8220 ; Mark my words, this Kennedy is in problem, and he will acquire what is coming to him & # 8230 ; . Kennedy s non traveling to do it to the [ 1963 ] election. He is traveling to be hit.

& # 8221 ; ( Waggoner 60 )All three of these leaders were good friends and all wanted to see President Kennedy dead so they would non be bothered in their condemnable activity. They wanted Robert dead, but they knew that they would hold to kill his brother the president so that Robert s power would belimited. With Hoffa s thought of assassinating person in an unfastened convertible and in a topographic point where the Kennedy s were disliked, Marcello and Trafficante s connexions, and a printed path of the motorcade twice in the hebdomad predating Kennedy s blackwash, they had ample motor and means to cabal to kill president John F. Kennedy.If the Mafia were the 1s who plotted the blackwash, so why was Oswald s thenar print on the gun used and besides why was he shooting by a adult male named Jack Ruby? Lee Harvey Oswald was a adult male whose life was and still is a great enigma. He had distant, but distinguishable ties with the Mafia which may hold led to his usage in the blackwash. ( TIME-LIFE Books 12 ) Using Oswald, the attending would switch off from the organized offense felons and onto a adult male who could be made out to manage the undertaking himself.

Oswald was in a great trade of debt, so transporting out this program would do him recover his good fiscal position. ( TIME-LIFE Books 37 ) The Warren s Commission ruled that Oswald acted entirely in the blackwash of John F. Kennedy, but their are many facts to challenge that theory. First of all, Oswald would hold to be an first-class shooting, to be able to finish that undertaking of firing three slugs in a really short clip period. His Marine Corps friends said that Oswald was a awful shooting and hardly passed his rifle demands. ( Waggoner 29 ) The Warren s Commission theorized that there was a & # 8220 ; charming slug & # 8221 ; that went through both Kennedy and Governor Connally and so entered the place without any harm done to it.

This theory does non fit up with holding merely one gunslinger. Witness heard gunfires from the & # 8220 ; grassy knoll & # 8221 ; , but the informants were dismissed by the Warren s Commission for seemingly being & # 8220 ; mistaken. & # 8221 ; The 2nd difference is the whereabouts of Oswald straight after the blackwash. Oswald was seemingly seen on the 2nd floor wholly normal, a minute and a half after the shot occurred. Would an bravo be walking wholly unagitated after he shot the president of the United States? Research workers say no, so why was he shooting by Jack Ruby?Jack Rubenstein, besides known as Jack Ruby, was a arms-runner for Al Capone inChicago in his younger old ages. In his ulterior old ages, he continued to hold really close ties with organized offense and the three chief Mafia leaders, Hoffa, Marcello, and Trafficante. ( Hubbard-Burrell 211 ) Ruby s phone calls the hebdomad prior to Kennedy s blackwash reveal that he made several calls to his major Mafia brothers. ( Hubbard-Burrell 212 ) Peoples reportedly saw Ruby on the & # 8220 ; grassy knoll & # 8221 ; in the same clip period as when Kennedy was shot.

( Hubbard-Burrell 214 ) It is strongly believed that both Oswald and Ruby were working with the organized offense group in the blackwash of Kennedy and both got shootings at him. This would confute the & # 8220 ; charming slug & # 8221 ; theory and give the true beginning of where the gunfires came from. In his testimony, Ruby told people of the Warren s Commission that & # 8220 ; I am used as a whipping boy & # 8230 ; But if I am eliminated, there won Ts be any manner of knowing. & # 8221 ; Ruby likely shot Oswald because he thought that he would speak, but so Ruby must hold realized that he was merely being used besides. Ruby subsequently died purportedly of lung malignant neoplastic disease, but he told his household members that he believed that he was injected with malignant neoplastic disease cells.

When an necropsy was done, Ruby s malignant neoplastic disease cells were really found in his digestive system. The Mafia might hold figured that Ruby would speak to constabularies so they besides had to extinguish him. ( Hubbard-Burrell 218 )In my sentiment, the facts clearly province that Oswald could non hold assassinated President Kennedy himself, so he had to hold aid.

The Mafia had both the motivation and means to be after and transport out the shot of Kennedy. The three chief oppositions of the Kennedy brothers were Hoffa, Marcello, and Trafficante, but they used Oswald and Ruby as whipping boies to switch the attending off from them. The Mafia leaders orginially wantedRobert Kennedy dead, but they all knew that killing his brother, the President would bemust more good. So the Mafia was definately in on the blackwash of President Kennedy and they used Oswald as a pawn in their small game. On that clear cheery November twenty-four hours, Oswald and Ruby both carried out the program that was given to them by their foremans, the ill-famed Mafia.Potato 7Plants CitedHubbard-Burrell, Joan. What truly happened to JFK? Ponderosa Press: Texas.

1992.TIME-LIFE Books. True Crime. TIME-LIFE Books: Virginia. 1994.Waggoner, Jeffrey. The Assassination of President Kennedy. Greenhaven Press, Inc: San Diego.



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