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Who knows what lipids are? Lipids are basically fats in our body. They contain energy. Cholesterol is a type of lipid can be found in the body tissues or blood plasma. The lever produces cholesterol in your body .

Cholesterol is found in foods that contains animal products such as meat, milk, cheese or maybe ice cream. Like every good thing if you have more cholesterol than you need, it can have some bad effects on your health. Your liver produces enough of it for your body. Cholesterol makes Vitamin D. It also builds cells and walls that help you abstract fat.

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However, when you have too much cholesterol, it can be dangerous for your health because when cholesterol builds up in the bloodstream, plaque forms in the walls of veins. It causes you to have thicker and inflexible veins. This situation decreases blood flow, so many people worry about cholesterol because if you take too much cholesterol, cholesterol may get stuck in your veins and you can even die because of this. We have talked about high cholesterol. Now we are going to take a look at the causes of high cholesterol. First of all high cholesterol may be linked with your weight.

Secondly if you have a relative who has a heart disease or cholesterol problems you are at a higher risk for having problems so it is about your family too. Other reasons of high cholesterol is age, physical activities and your diet. If you are older you have a greater chance to have problems. If you are less active then you will have higher risk for having problems. Your diet affects the chance of having some problems about cholesterol too. Cholesterol is a good thing actually. If you eat too much food that contains cholesterol it is going to be unhealthy for your bloodstream. There are some causes for having problems about cholesterol such as unhealthy diet.

To sum up cholesterol is a good thing but if you take too much cholesterol it is unhealthy.


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