Whitbread Essay Research Paper How to become

Whitbread Essay, Research PaperHow to go a successful in the Whitbread around the World RaceThe human race has ever wanted to traverse the mighty oceans. That is what makes the Whitbread around the World Race so interesting. The Race is likely the toughest seafaring competition in the universe. It? s called the? Mt. Everest of sailing? because of the though conditions, the endless stat mis the crewmans have to cover.

The competion is held every 3rd twelvemonth. The competition starts in Southampton in England. The squads pass all the continents, it normally takes about nine months for the squads to eventually make their end. The end is back in Southampton where it all started about a twelvemonth earlier. The force per unit area on the crewmans is tremendous because of the conditions and the long clip at sea.

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This demands a batch of readyings both physical and psychological. The tough conditions besides demand outstanding equipment, a batch of cognition and accomplishment. These figures are the key to go a successful in the toughest seafaring competion in the universe.The preparation starts a long clip before the existent race starts. An of import portion of the preparation is weight raising and running. The crewmans need to construct up an tremendous strength and staying power because of the difficult strain the organic structure will be abused of during the nine months at sea.

If the crewmans wear? Ts have the proper physical preparation they will be more apt to catch an hurt. It? s besides really of import to larn to eat the right things. During the race the nutrient supplies will be limited because of the low weight the boat must hold to win.

The nutrient the crewmans will be eating is traveling to be vacuum packed and merely the most necessary ingredients will include. One portion of preparation that is necessary is passing a batch of clip with your teammates. This is of import so that the squad will larn how to work as a squad during the race. The crewmans will pass nine months on 60 pess long boat. EF linguistic communication the boat that won the last competition. Their skipper Paul Cayard said, ? During the race, we were all life within a 60-foot shoebox? ( )To go a wining squad the crewmans have to be equipped with the right equipment.

The apparels the crewmans need to have on must digest the difficult clime and the changeless expounding of H2O. The apparels must besides maintain the crewmans warm and protect them from cuts. The boat must besides be build by the right stuffs. The boat has to be every bit light as possible but it must still stand the tremendous force per unit area that the different and difficult conditions conditions will demand. The best stuffs to construct a strong and light boat are glass fibre and plastic.

If non the boat is build with the right stuffs it is really easy that the air current destroysthe boat. This can ensue in that the boat will non be able to hold maximal velocity. This happened to the Swedish Match squad, during the last Whitbread competition.

Their mast broke and they had to mend it during the race. Gunnar Krantz the skipper of Swedish Match, he said? We made fixs to the mast and it is sufficient for the bing zephyr of 15 knots, much more and we have to endorse off a small? ( )The weight of the boat and the crew is important because this is the difference between a winning squad and a loosing squad. The importance of weight can sometimes do a whole crew starve. The technological equipment the crewmans need is a well-developed computing machine system. The system must be able to cipher the watercourse every bit good as stand the boat class. The boat must besides be equipped with cameras so that the remainder of the universe can be able to follow the race.The most of import thing how to go successful, is the cognition and skills the crew must posses. The crewmans must hold knowledge about how watercourses and air currents work.

To derive this cognition the crewmans must pattern sailing a batch because experience is the best manner to obtain cognition and accomplishments. These accomplishments and cognition is frequently seen as a gift that merely some crewmans posses. It? s really of import that the crewmans are these 1s that posses this great cognition, if they want to win. The most of import individual in a crew is the skipper.

He is the individual that is in charge of the whole boat. The skipper is the individual doing all the major determinations at sea. He controls the rudder and because of his importance at the boat it? s really important that he is competent.

He besides needs to hold a batch of experience and leading, if the squad want to go successful. The best consequence will be accomplished if there is a good mix of crewmans at the boat. To go a wining squad each of the crewmans must specialise on a specific accomplishment.

The particular accomplishments that is needed are for illustration, medical accomplishments, accomplishments in the technological equipment, accomplishments in cooking etc.To sum up, to hold a opportunity to win in this esteemed competition the crewmans need to develop a batch. They need to construct up a physical strength, a great staying power. The crewmans must larn to eat the right nutrient and to be able to work as a squad.

The equipment, which includes the boat, the apparels and the technological stuff, must be the best. The crewmans need to hold a batch of experience and cognition about air currents and watercourses. The skipper who? s the 1 that makes the most of import determinations demands to be competent and be a good leader. The best consequence will be accomplished if there is a good mix of crewmans in the squad. If the squad can obtain all these points they will be really difficult to halt.


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