Which Methods Do Advertisers Use To Sell Essay

Their Merchandises? Essay, Research PaperIn this essay I shall be looking at the different methods advertizers use to advertise their merchandises. I shall be looking at three different cat adverts, two of them Volvo V40 & # 8217 ; s and the 3rd a Fiat Punto. The first advert was shown around nine O & # 8217 ; clock in the eventide, which is the clip when most grownups tend to be watching telecasting visual perception as the Volvo is a household auto. The first advert is about the Volvo V40 which is an estate auto, which is besides seen as a household auto for facts that will come in later._ Scene 1 The advert started off in the forenoon with a Volvo ( household ) auto in the center of the image and everything else seems to be formed around it.

There is a house behind the auto with a window in the top right manus corner. Meanwhile there are autos driving past the house, there is a unusual whining sound coming from the room with the window and the name of the auto comes up on the underside of the screen. & # 8220 ; The Volvo V40 & # 8243 ; Scene 2 After the first scene the screen goes black so when it lights up once more it is now nighttime, there are still autos driving past the house and you an see the lineation of the auto in forepart of the house. Besides the visible radiation is now on and the squeaking sound has become louder and quicker. There is once more a sentence on the underside right manus corner of the screen, this clip stating & # 212 ; Voted the most beautiful auto in the universe & # 8217 ; Scene 3 Again the screen goes black and now it is forenoon once more. The squeaking now distinguished as a bed is still loud and whining at a speedy rate. Meanwhile the mailman walks by, I am non certain whether he is gazing at the auto or staring at the window and hearing in. There is once more a sentence in the underside right manus corner this clip stating & # 212 ; Now all you need are some childs & # 8217 ; I think this whole advert is seeking to state that the auto is of import, it is the first thing you should believe about and everything else either comes after it or should be formed around it.

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For illustration the Volvo V40 is supposed to be a household auto so this brace have the auto but they do non hold a household. That is where the squeaking of the bed comes in, this can be interpreted as a twosome in their sleeping room seeking to hold childs in an effort to hold a existent household, so that they can truly utilize their household auto. The Second Volvo V40 adverts Compared to the first advert this one is really different, before the auto was the focal point of the image, now it is dazed.

The auto ( Volvo ) is now driving through a dazed wood and all you can see are the headlamps through the fog. There is yet aga in a different sentence in the bottom right hand corner, this time it says O Voted the most beautiful car in the world.’ The car carries on through the foggy wood waiting roughly seconds before a second slogan appears which says O But sometimes looks aren’t everything.’ This is perfect timing in terms of the advert because the car has just easily and brilliantly gone round the corner of the road with very low visibility. The sentence can be interpreted to mean that the car not only looks good but it also drives well either in the dark or in bad conditions. This is a very clever approach seeing as the Volvo was voted the safest car on the road.

Fiat Punto This advert starts with happy music playing from the start and straightaway gives the impression that this car would make your life happier. A blue Fiat Punto is driving through a Mediterranean city. There is a middle aged woman on the drivers side and a middle aged man on the passengers side.

It also made the impact me that everyone in the advert on the street were either extremely good looking or scintillatingly beautiful, so it makes you feel special to have the car. In my point of view the most important factor of this advert is the music, the music makes the advert. The lyrics go something like “The boys watch the girls go by’, as this goes on the man in th[1]e car actually is watching all the girls walking by the car as they drive along. The music still plays a vital part in this advert, when the woman has ad enough of her boyfriend looking out the window she decides to get revenge using a member of the opposite sex. She pulls over and calls over the first man she sees and kisses him. As she kisses him the music reaches its climax and then it clams down as the couple make an agreement. Then the camera view changes to see the back of the car then some writing com[1]Ies up saying O SPRITO DI PUNTO’ ; this writing was catchy, stylish and easy to read. It also helps to portray the advert’s Mediterranean feeling.

I also thought that this advert would appeal to women more because it portrayed that the woman was in control. This was not the end of the Fiat Punto there was another advert afterwards to show the insurance policies for the car.There were a few clips from the main one but instead of the normal slogans and actions. In conclusion I think that the Fiat Punto advert were better than the Volvo V40’s ones.

This is because the Fiat advert has a catchy tune and a catchy phrase. These two will leave you thinking about the car. There is also a spot of humour in it too.


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