Where The Blame Falls Essay Research Paper

Where The Blame Falls Essay, Research Paper

Where The Blame Falls We go threw our lives trusting to make the right thing for ourselves and the right thing for others. Through our lives we take the incrimination for many things and sometimes we get the incrimination pushed upon us. This is shown in the book, The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Hester, Pearl, Chillingworth, and Dimmesdale are two of the chief characters. Hester was made a whipping boy, and Dimmesdale was mortified.

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Hester is charged with perpetrating a really serious wickedness among the Puritan & # 8217 ; s, called criminal conversation. She does non wish to be punished for her one minor error. Hester pleads to allow her maintain the kid, and the Puritans let her. Towards the terminal of the book, She removes the vermilion missive, and throws it on the river bank. Hester receives her penalty for criminal conversation. Hester must stand up on the platform for three hours while the townspeople participate in her penalty. She must have on the vermilion missive for the remainder of her life, no affair what she does to deliver herself. Hester, and Pearl were non the same as the remainder of the townsfolk. No one of all time talks to her, and she was non allowed to do any vesture for the other Puritans nuptialss. Pearl was picked upon by the other kids frequently. Hester was no longer accepted by the Puritans.

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Dimmesdale has had as much penalty as Hester for their wickedness. Dimmesdale is seting the incrimination upon himself. Dimmesdale is the curate, and he should cognize better than to perpetrate a wickedness. Dimmesdale is deceasing inside of all time since he had committed the wickedness with Hester, by the guilt and finally collapses. Throughout the book, he is reminded of his wickednesss by Chillingworth, and the other Puritans. Dimmesdale is decomposing up indoors and giving himself his ain penalty. He is a axial rotation theoretical account, and he feels that he has let the other Puritans down by holding such a atrocious wickedness. Dimmesdale is freed from his penalty for criminal conversation. He stood up on the platform with Hester, and Pearl to state all of the townsfolk. He died up on the platform, and he finally gets to go forth the Puritans. Even though Hester & # 8217 ; s penalty is public, Dimmesdale & # 8217 ; s penalty is much worse than Hester & # 8217 ; s.

Hester was made a whipping boy, and Dimmesdale was mortified. Hester was made to take the penalty publically for both people. Hester was ne’er accepted by the Puritans. Dimmesdale took his penalty indoors. He gave himself guilt because of his strong ethical motives. Dimmesdale & # 8217 ; s guilt was grueling and finally killed him, and Hester lived for a few more old ages. We can ne’er get away our penalty, whether we allow our wickedness be known, or give ourself guilt.


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