Where Are The Heros Essay Research Paper

Where Are The Heros Essay, Research PaperWhere are the Heroes?As we read Homers epic narrative of war, decease, and enchanting characters, we find great warriors each on a different tract. Looking closer at three of these characters, Akhilleus, Agamemnon, and Hektor, we find that each of these warriors displays many heroic qualities and workss, yet none of all time achieves going a true hero.What does it intend to accomplish the position of a true hero? Many books and documents have been written on this topic but for the intent of my statement allow me distill it. For Akhilleus, Agamemnon, or Hektor to go a true hero they must hold completed the Quest Cycle.The basic facets of the Hero Quest Cycle are, foremost the separation or going. In this portion of the rhythm the hero must go forth the amenitiess of place or the known universe and get down on their journey into the unknown universe. Then comes the induction stage where our hero must confront tests and get the better of great challenges. Finally the hero pursuit is completed in the return rhythm.

In this completion phase the hero has his ultimate blessing and return, normally a exultant return.In measuring Agamemnon we find an impressive warlord, as Akhilleus provinces: & # 8221 ; foremost in rank of all the Akhaians. & # 8221 ; ( Pp. 27 ll.

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105. ) Agamemnon has left his known universe on a pursuit of award, to contend for his brother Menelaus, who has had his married woman and hoarded wealths stolen by a invitee. In coming to a topographic point of tests Agamemnon hurriedly shows us that he is in serious deficiency of hero qualities. Agamemnon has taken a miss as a war award, when her male parent, a priest of the God Apollo, comes meekly seeking to pay a just ransom for her return Agamemnon is rough and dogged. Even after his fellow companions try obliging him to take the male parent s carnival offer Agamemnon garbages, demoing his vain selfish non-hero traits. In making so Agamemnon angers the God Apollo and causes great decease and devastation to his ground forces as stated in the Iliad: & # 8220 ; So he made a combustion air current of plague rise in the ground forces: rank and file sickened and died for the ailment their head had done.

& # 8221 ; ( Pp. 25 ll. 12-13 )When Agamemnon was made aware of his black pick instead than confront it like a great hero and endure a loss for his actions he turned on his greatest warrior Akhilleus and took his war award. Throughout the Iliad Agamemnon s actions ne’er rise to the degree of a hero and he fails miserably in the quest rhythm, ne’er get the better ofing his tests or finishing his journey.With the great Akhilleus we find a similar beginning, he excessively leaves the amenitiess of place to contend for the award of Menelaus.

Akhilleus comes much closer to carry throughing the hero image. He is the kid of an immortal female parent, on a pursuit for glorification and illustriousness.Akhilleus has the greatest military art of any of the Achaean ranksand has the greatest contending ability of all the warriors, Trojan or Achaean. He shows these qualities when he pulls the military personnels together to happen out why the Supreme beings are destructing them after Agamemnon s actions with the priest. He besides shows award when the visionary is afraid to state them the cause of their anguish and Akhilleus provinces to the visionary: “Courage.

State what you know, what you have light to cognize. I swear by Apollo, the Godhead God to whom you pray when you uncover truth, ne’er while I draw breath, while I have eyes to see, shall any adult male upon this beachhead daring to put custodies on you.” ( Pp. 27 ll. 98-103 )Akhilleus rapidly falters in the hero rhythm when treated ill by Agamemnon.

After fring his war award to Agamemnon, Akhilleus becomes consumed with fury and withdraw back to his ship with his military personnels the Myrmidons and refuses to contend for the Achaean cause against the Trojans. Akhilleus goes so far as to inquire the Gods to bring mayhem upon his fellow companions to demo them what a icky leader Agamemnon is.Akhilleus moues until Hektor kills his best friend Patrocolus. The decease of Patrocolus is another illustration of Akhilleus neglecting in his hero pursuit. If Akhilleus had been in conflict instead than dressing Patrocolus in his armour and allowing everyone think he had returned to the conflict, his closest friend would non hold died. Upon the decease of his friend Akhilleus fury is turned back to the Trojans and he flings himself back into the war. He kills many Dardans and after a slightly amusing pursuit around the metropolis slays Hektor so desecrates his organic structure by dragging it behind his chariot overly to vent his ain hatred and choler.

Akhilleus comes closer to the hero facet of confronting tests and larning about himself in the scene in which Priam comes to implore for the return of his slain boy. He is overcome with heartache and compunction, saddened and humbled by the ultimate desolation. This shows his human side his epic side, but he finally dies in conflict and ne’er completes the hero & # 8217 ; s pursuit.

Hektor, on the other manus, in action is the most heroic of the three. He shows himself to be compassionate yet a great warrior. We see the epic hardy side in his statement to his married woman & # 8220 ; Long ago I learned how to be brave, how to travel frontward ever and to postulate for award, father & # 8217 ; s and mine. & # 8221 ; ( Pp. 50 ll. 383-384 ) Sadly Hector is non on a pursuit so he ne’er comes near to the heroic ideal.

He is merely supporting his household, metropolis, and award. In the terminal Hektor dies a awful decease ne’er accomplishing a journey or blessing, but in my eyes he will ever be the hero.Plants CitedHomer. The Iliad.

Trans. Robert Fitzgerald. Western Literature in a World Context.Vol.

1. Paul Davis, Gary Harrison, David M. Johnson, Patricia Clark Smith, and John F.

Crawford. New York: St. Martian s, 1995. 19-156.


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