When working together coherently to safeguard the

When people think about what they have inherited fromtheir parents the first thing they think about is physical features, curly hairor a similar shaped nose, but I’ve inherited a lot more: a passion forlearning, an unquenchable curiosity and dedication to hard work, all of whichhas served me well throughout my academic career, influencing my earlyfascination of the workings of life.I discovered that the human body is outstanding and isnot just limited to one system.

         Mylove of science is one of my many reasons for choosing this degree. I appreciatea challenge especially towards a rewarding objective, for example helpingsomeone achieve their optimum health and although I am aware of the hardshipthat can be involved in this career, I am also aware of the rewards that can bereceived, highlighted by many professionals I have spoken to on a personallevelMy fondness of thesciences influenced the selection of my Leaving Certificate choices. Thesubjects of biology and chemistry have helped develop both my interest andknowledge surrounding the being. Additionally, maths has provided the relevantaid to hone my analytical and problem-solving skills which in turn helps me towork logically.

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Thus, good time management, self-motivated study skills andability to cope with intensity of the complex nature of each topic areessential. I am currently in the process of finalising aplacement visit to my local hospital which I have organised for spring. Iexpect to be able to observe the day-to-day experience of medical professionalsand what is entails in ensuring that the hospital and its staff are workingtogether coherently to safeguard the patients. Personally, I cannot wait forthis opportunity as I have confidence that this insight will stretch myknowledge, provide me with a better understanding of the experience for thosein the medical field and suggest what is required of me in the future


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