Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary When so there were lots of rooms

When so there were lots of rooms

When I was in high school in Korea, sometimes I spent my time at my grandfather’s house during summer vacation. He owned a small motel, so there were lots of rooms to stay. My grandfather built the house by himself. The columns and girders were made of wood. And he put cheap plate roofing tile on the roof so when it rained I could hear raindrops. There were long eaves and under the eaves there was a porch, so sometimes we rested on it. I was able to see lots of things while relaxing on the floor. I saw swallows building their house on one of the columns in the house. Also, when the sky was clear, I used to watch the stars while I laying down on the porch.Something special happened one very late hot summer night during rainy season. It had been raining constantly for 3 days and it looked like it would not stop for the next couple days. We didn’t have air conditioning so it was too hot to sleep well. Also, it was heavy raining at that time, so it bothered me to keep sleeping. I failed to sleep on that night because of the noise of raindrops which was like a cheap drum played by someone who never learned how to drum. I was getting upset. It was too hot so I felt like I needed to take a shower every hour because of beads of sweat. So, I decided to go out of the room.I tried to find my cell phone to use it as a flash light, and I tried not to make any noise because I didn’t want to wake anybody up. If they woke up I knew that they would have a hard time going to bed again. I was able to go to the porch under the eaves without waking anyone up. When I stood up under the eaves, I could feel fresh cool air from the rain and it dried the sweat off. I felt much better, so I wanted to stay on the floor rather than stay inside. And then I started to listen to the sounds of rain under the eaves while I was laying down on the floor. Because of the deep and dark cloud, I couldn’t see any stars and moon in the sky, but the darkness helped me focus on the sounds. I closed my eyes, laid on the floor, my head pillowed on my arms. I was still able to hear the sound of raindrops hitting the roof. But I didn’t think of the cheap drum sound anymore. The sound didn’t make me upset anymore. I was enjoying the sound. Now it sounded more like a heartbeat. I didn’t remember my mom’s heart beat while I was in her womb. But I thought that it might be this feeling. I felt comfortable and soothed. It was a dark night and it was warm and the rain kept making sounds like a heartbeat. I listened to the sounds all night long on the floor. I had my eyes closed but because of that, I was able to see more clear what is happening around me. Rain was dropping from all the way up sky beginning as a snow. It was changing to rain and keep dropping rapidly until hit the roof. After the raindrop hit the roof it was bouncing up and being scattered, and each of them were hitting the roof again making other sounds. My grandfather had a grapevine in the front yard, it was time to harvest grapes so the tree has some ripe grapes. Rain was hitting the vine leaves first before they met ground, and whenever rain hit the vine leaves, it kept sending me the smell of grapes.When I was young, I didn’t really like rainy days like a normal child. I had to stay in the house while it was raining. I could not meet my friends, but I had to study in the house. I had more bad memories with a rain than happy memories. But after that night I got a totally different feeling about rain. I began to like to listen to the music made by rain in my car, tent, and also in my house. I vividly remember that night because the strong moment changed one of my preferences. I think those kinds of moments or experiences make myself. All the experiences I have, all the moments I remember, make me special. I used to be negative with raining but now I am very positive with it. So, I try to remember all the moments that I have had in positive way, because I believe that those moments make myself. If I have all positive moments, then I will be a positive person. Now I’m looking forward to listening to the music again.