When Patriots to stay extend their time

When the war was going on the British businessmen could no longer trade with the American colonies.

Prices increased and so did  the taxes. Young men were forced to serve in the Royal Navy.The patriots were winning in the war as the french were watching them and  then joined the patriots in their fight to help and to secure a win.The patriots wanted the 13 colonies to have independence because the British were not treating the colonists fairly. Here are some of the reasons that you should join the Patriots plus many more.The British army was the most powerful force in the world and the Patriots showed their strength and courage to win  the war against them.

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The battles of Trenton, Princeton, Guilford Courthouse, Cowpens, and Yorktown were all successes to make the British army unable to keep up their courage and strength to battle in the wars. On March 2 the Patriots  got  powder for their  cannons so they went to Boston and used them to fire at the British..From the win in Trenton it gave  the Patriots  more faith in themselves. For that they got some Patriots to stay extend their time in the service  and helped get more people to join the fight. French and American forces trapped the British in Yorktown and Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington because of this.  The battle of Yorktown is when the British surrendered and  ended the Revolutionary War.Here are some interesting things about the British.

Today a lot of historians think that only around twenty percent of the colonists supported Britain and that  the rest of the colonists supported whichever side seemed to be winning. The indians were fighting for the British for a little bit until they started to lose the fight and then the indians didn’t want to be at the wrong side of the fight so they joined the Patriots. The British were putting taxes on people making life harder for them.Here are the many reason why you should join the Patriots. It shows that they fought for what was rightfully theirs and to keep America a good place to live. It also shows the ways that the British raised prices on them and other things that they did.

I would rather be a Patriot who would fight for what is right then have to deal with someone telling me what I need to do.  


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