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“Whenthe roots are deep there is no reason to fear the wind” Smartphonesmarket has grown to the extent that they have become an intrinsic to humans ofthis generation. Chinese brands hold 48% of smartphone market share worldwide.Oppo is a subsidiary of the Chinese company BBK Electronics and Oppo has beenranked as the fourth largest brand worldwide since 2016. It also holds 8.4%market share globally. Oppo has beenfocussing on breakthroughs in selfie technology for the last 10 years. Itstarted its expansion outside china in the year 2010 and entered Indian markettowards the end of 2013.

It tried to attract Indian customers with itsinnovative rotating camera phones but failed in that attempts. It still pursuedin its path in Indian market with new models. As per IDC report of August 2017the company holds 8% of Indian smartphone market.  Marketing Channel of Oppo: While most ofthe recent smartphone vendors entering India were trying different ways insales and marketing like invite based as in Oneplus or flash sales as in Xiaomito attract customers, Oppo focussed on the traditionaloffline channel. The company decided that for Indian market where peopleare price conscious, people will buy the product if they could access and feelthe product before buying it. Oppo has a network of 200 distributors all acrossIndia for its product. Two months the company has got approval from Indiangovernment to open 550 service centres all across India. It also has madeendorsements with few leading Bollywood stars for its marketing campaign.

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Cricket being the most followed sport in India, the company has made a 165million deal to sponsor the Indian cricket team. In the Indian market, Oppo hasbeen expanding its offline presence by targeting 35,000 point of sales and 180after sales service centres for giving its consumers a better experience.  Company Profile: Founder                                   –           ChenMingyongHeadquarters                          –           Dongguan, Guangdong, ChinaCEO                                         –           MikeWangTotal Smartphones launched  –           67Holding Company                   –           BBKElectronicsHolding Company Valuation   –           70Billion Smartphone Brand Market in India:  Brand/Attribute Operating System Brand Origin UI Current Flagship Product Brand Feeling Apple IOS USA IOS Iphone X Premium Quality Samsung Android South Korea Touchwiz Galaxy Note 8 High Quality Xiaomi Android China MIUI Mi Mix 2 Value for Money Oppo Android China ColorOS F5 Camera Phone Vivo Android China   X20 Budget Phone Oneplus Android China Oxygen 5T Value for Money Lenovo Android China LenovoUI Phab 2 Plus Budget phone Google Pixel Android USA   Pixel 2 XL Premium Quality Others Android Others        Currently inIndia smartphone penetration is around 22.4% which accounts to 300 millionusers. The number of users in India is expected to grow up to 550 million in2018.  Figure 1  Figure 2In terms ofbrand ranking though Oppo maintained the 4th position in 2017, itsmarket share fell from 9.3% in the beginning of the year to 7.

9% towards theend.  Figure 3Xiaomi and Samsung bothhold the highest market share in Indian smartphone market. Xiaomi launchedRedmi note 4 in 2017 which sold a million units creating a rise in revenue forthe firm. The huge success of the phone was mainly because of availability ofthe phone with decent features at an affordable price. Xiaomi phones use MIUIas their UI in the phones.

The success of MIUI is attributed to the resemblancein appearance to Apple’s ios. For Samsung its flagship phones S7 edge and S8were most sold for their unique zero bezel design and superior qualityfeatures. Samsung uses Touchwiz UI which is similar to the stock android withfew gestures added. Still the sales of Samsung phones has decreased in 2017 dueto the battery explosion issue in its galaxy line of phones.   Market share of Lenovo has started to decrease sincethe start of the 2017.

It has been observed that the Lenovo moto model phonesfair better in the market compared to the Lenovo model phones. In the year 2017almost all the moto model phones were successful in the market.  


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