When I was a kid Essay

If I am asked to introduce myself or to give a speech about something, I guess I would use terminologies that relate to engineering, especially construction. This is because my whole life has been centered on this profession and the memories I have ever had – both good and bad, has not been in the absence of my life in construction.When I was a kid, a construction site was across our school and I remember that I was usually intrigued by the way these people look, in their overalls and looking into big sheets of paper. Little wonder that when I was 16 years, I found myself working in a construction company as the project manager. The 2 years that I occupied this position was an avenue foe me to discover myself. During this period, we handled several projects in which I was in charge. At that time, I knew discovered a part of me that I never knew existed. I took every new project as an opportunity to improve and to sharpen my skills.

I was admitted to the St Johns University, New York to study Business Management.  It was with a heavy heart that I left my workplace. It was a difficult decision to make but I have always believed that for me to be the professional I want to be, I would need to develop myself. Thus, I saw this as a step towards the right direction.

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During this period, I was still working part-time and whenever I was on break in the company. I discovered that although my course of study is far from construction, I could not just leave this profession. It was my life and I found fulfillment in doing what I do.

In my years in St Johns University, I worked really hard from the time of my admission to the day I graduated. However, sometimes, life does not give you back what you give to it and we do not get what we deserve. Academically, I did not do well as much as I would have wanted.

This was because of the tragedy that befell me during my years in school. The death of two members of my family, those closest to me, really put me off balance. It was a trying period for me and I had to struggle through some of my years in school. This really affected my overall grades in school but I braced myself and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Although I did not get the grade I desired, I must say that I was stronger and that the grades I got does not reflect my ability.

My philosophy about life is that life is about adding more to yourself each day. Professionally, I am happy at what I am doing at present. I am the Head of projects at Vaggelas Construction Corp. However, I am not satisfied with my current level. I believe I can be more than what I am and to do that, I need to learn more and add to my qualification. I know that my future in construction and to secure this, I would have to learn all that I can from a reputable school. This was what prompted me to enroll for Masters of Science in Construction Management in the Polytechnic Institute of NYU.

I recognize that I would not only learn and develop the necessary skills that I need to be the professional I want to be, it would place me on a better pedestal to discharge my duties as the Head of projects in my company. Apart from this, I would be able to channel the knowledge and skill I get to make my company more effective so that to might have a cutting edge in the construction world.Like the great man once said – “I have a dream” and this is the fact that one day, I would own a big construction company that would be a giant in the construction industry. I know I have to start preparing myself for the task ahead now if my dream is going to come true. This was the core reason that informed my decision of undertaking graduate studies. I figured that with a graduate study in construction management, I would be able to compete and I will be a force to reckon with when it.

Dreams don’t just come true, we make them come true. We brace ourselves, develop our skills and be hardworking. 


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