When dealt with studies on how human

Whenit comes to reading ease (readability), I find the chapter technical which isdifficult for a layman to understand.

I had difficulty in comprehending whatthe chapter is all about. I think economists would understand the materialbetter. Despiteof the difficulty I have some insights from the material. According to thechapter, with the emergence of Science and Technology, industrialization becamemore intense leading to the extraction of more natural resources. The bottomline of all this development is to improve human condition or make life morecomfortable. However, this led to environmental degradation.

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The said line ofthinking was influenced by Western thought which states that development shouldbe economic.Thechapter dealt with studies on how human life evolved from simple to complex.Our simple life became more complex leading to more complex environmentalproblems. This process is called “social differentiation.” Technology is a sub-sphereof economy which is one of the major functional or institutional spheres of thesociety. The three other spheres include polity, culture (religion) andjudiciary (integration). However, in the chapter, the influence ofculture/religion which include values and beliefs was not emphasized.

Cultureinfluences how a person uses technology. We all know that technology can be ofbenefit to us or can be a root of destruction. An example of this is theinvention of a gun. A gun can be used to protect yourself but it can also beused to kill people. It depends on the individual on how he uses technology. Thevalues of humans evolve so as the society which directly affects ourenvironment.

Social transformation exists leading to development. Most 19th century and some 20thcentury approaches aimed to provide models for the evolution of humankind as a whole, arguing that different societies havereached different stages of social development/transformation. There is an interactionbetween economic and socio-cultural factors that influences development. Societies exist in complex social environmentsand adapt themselvesto these environments. Societal relationships change and behavior changes aswell. Individuals are faced with new situations to which they must respond.

Thus,educating the public especially on how to use their resources properly is amust because ethical behavior can shape society.


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