When Bad Things Happen To Good People Essay

Essay, Research PaperIs There a Real? God?Rick Raisch2nd Hour5/17/00Ideative Essay On:When Bad Things Happen to Good PeoplesThere have been many times in life when I have turned to a? God? with jobs and wanted replies or solutions and received nil. When this happens I take the clip to reflect and inquire myself, ? Why, when I do some many good things, do I non have any replies or solutions to my jobs? ? The book When Bad Things Happen to Good People, written by Harold S.

Kushner, has brought some replies to my jobs. This book explained and assist clear up why even though I am non a bad individual, that sometimes bad things are bound to go on. When Kushner wrote this book I feel that the significance of his Hagiographas were that God does non intend to penalize us, he merely means to prove us and present us with jobs and see how we react to them. As put best he wrote, ? The God I believe in does non direct us the job ; he gives us the strength to get by with it. ? ( 127 ) .

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Kushner makes many mentions to the bible and his belief in a higher power, ? God? . I personally may non believe there can be one and merely one God but I do believe in a higher being or power and I like how Kushner makes certain to indicate out that he is non naming it the God but? his? God. It shows an about non-biast sentiment and it shows a batch of regard towards all groups of people. I remember one clip specifically when my great-grandpa late passed off I turned to God for replies. Alternatively of acquiring an reply I got more jobs. My great-grandma and grandma both had shots, my long-standing girlfriend and I broke up, my parents got split up and divorced , along with all of the other normal problems that go on in live that we, as humans, have learned to expect in everyday life. My belief in one and only one ?God? diminished.

I felt that there was no one up there looking out for me and then in reading this book answered a bunch of my questions on why ?God? didn?t give me any specific answers. It showed me that perhaps God has given me the strength to move on and realize that everything will go on and how to cope with everything. Kushner also had a good point in saying that, ?Could it be that God does not cause bad things that happen to us?…..but rather stands ready to help them??(29-30). I agree with what he is saying in this quote.

My God helped me through those rough times just like his God helped him through everything that was going on with his son. Even though the person that meant the most to him was suffering of a bad disease, and eventually passed away, he trusted in God and understood what God was doing and that everything that happened was a test and made things better in the long run. He understood and helped me understand that God does everything for a reason and has a ?master plan? that he wants each of us to abide by and to follow.

This book gave me a lot of insight on life and what everything means to me and what I should expect with life. Even though I do not believe in the same God as Kushner, I still believe that there is a more powerful being up there watching over us and making sure that we are ready to experience an enlightening afterlife. I thought that Kushner did a good job of not offending me in the fact that he had a wider opinion on God and his beliefs and not being narrow-minded about the fact that people are different in their opinions.


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