When are pulled out right away to

Whenwe wake up one of the first things we do is check our phone.

In-between classescell phones are pulled out right away to check social media. Whenever we seethe slightest thing of interest we pull out our phone to video. In awkward situations,we use phones to pretend to be doing important work. I know that the majorityof the time, being a tech savvy teenager, I have my cell phone near me at alltimes. During down time, especially school breaks, I am on my phone for a largeportion of the day. Nearlyninety-five percent of adults are using cell phones daily according to a studydone in 2013 by the Pew Research Center. This is compared to sixty five percentof adults in 2004 by the same research center, which is a colossal differencein percentage and attributes to the rising use of cell phones.

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Stating theobvious but ninety- five percent is nearly a hundred percent so if in an officenearly the whole office would have their cell phones in their hands or stashedaway in their desk. Teens however do have a lower rate but are just asimportant at seventy-four percent.CellPhones are the basis of human communication and social life today. Likewise, weare on our phones twenty-four seven but, we never stop to think about theeffects that the little devices have on our bodies. Cell phones have thepossibility of causing adverse health side effects and should be limited or asan extreme banned. Now I have no illusions that cell phones will be banned butit should be seriously thought about.

This is especially since cellular devicesare able to harm your posture, eyes and contain possible carcinogenic. Teenstoday are on their phones quite a lot and should be warned or aware of thepossible effects, to where they can adjust for the future.Generally, when meeting a new person, that personmakes up their mind about you in the first few seconds and vice versa. Firstimpressions can be influenced by how someone is dressed, how their hair isstyled, as well as to their smile and even their posture.

Posture is animportant part of the human anatomy. Good posture is not only influential inhow you appear but also it is imperative in being healthy. Having good posture consists of having an inwardcurve at the neck and the lower back, and the upper back has an outward curve.Keeping the back bone straight and shoulders alludes confidence as well asbeing considered excellent posture. A major problem is when on the phone, mepersonally and many other people don’t have frequent good posture. The backtends to slouch over when someone looks down at a cellular device along withyour neck.

Doctor Steven Shoshany, who is known as one of the bestchiropractors in New York City as well as making an appearance on the Emmyaward winning show Doctor Oz, puts a name to the pain caused by the slouchingof the neck: Text Neck. The constant looking down at a cell phone brings sideeffects of upper back and shoulder pain that ranges from “chronic, nagging painto sharp, severe upper back muscle spasms” according to Shoshany in the articleA Modern Spine Ailment: Text Neck.Along with back pain, poor posture does not allow organs to have enough room; whichin turn prohibits proper function and growth according to Judy Monroe. Monroe,an MD and former president and CEO of the Center for Disease ControlFoundation, also wrote in her article that balanced posture can prevent backpain. Looking down at a cell phone constantly may not seem like a big deal atthe time but it does affect the body and Marenda Caldwell, an ergonomist, saysthat she is concerned about the younger generations who use adult orientedtechnology and thinks that we should “make a concerted effort to raise awarenessand improve the health and safety of the next generation” in her article What About Kids. This awareness forposture is of the utmost importance because posture is imperative for goodhealth.

Eyes are what gets a person through their day. Whenwaking up the eyes pop open and you see the world or when walking around throughoutthe day, eyes are what are used to see. Now if the eyes vision is impaired theywon’t be able to see the newest show on Netflix on the phone or the exe’s mostrecent post on the cell’s Instagram. Kirk Smick, an Optometrist, in the articleGuarding Your Patients’ Eyes from HarmfulLight states that “Cumulative and constant exposure to blue light from LEDlighting and electronic devices will continue to damage the retinal cells andcan eventually lead to retinal cell death”


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