What Were the Underlying Causes of World War I Essay

World War I was a major event of deceases. catastrophes. causes and effects on the European states. World War I was a war against three European states England. France. and Russian versus Germany. Italy and Austria-Hungary. Friedrich Engels explains in The Origins of the First World War ( Doc A ) the wake of the Thirty Years War caused many annihilating effects like dearth. illness. privation and brutalising the population and this is being compared to World War I stating that the same result happened in three or four old ages alternatively of 30.

World War I was caused by different factors patriotism is one of the major causes. the battle over settlements. and the outgo on the ground forcess to do such a monolithic war. The Franco-Russian Military Convention ( Doc E ) explains that France and Russian will work together to assist each other when either are onslaught by the enemy. This papers is helpful. but it does non follow the 3 that are being explained. These factors entirely could hold caused the war itself but there are still many others to be explained another clip.

Patriotism was the one major and true factor of the war. nil could come near to how major this played in World War I. Get downing with Emile Zola in The Origins of the First World War ( Doc B ) a state had to hold a strong ground forces in order for the state to populate. Even states once a state loses its ground forces so the state will decease out ( Doc B ) . Continued on by A Gallic Citizen. Bertrand. and Kaiser Wilhelm II in The Origins of the First World War and The Guns of August ( Doc C ) many people supported patriotism and wanted war to go on by holding cries in public to assist advance the grounds.

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John T. McCutcheon draws a image ( Doc G ) demoing how every state as people had a manner to “point the finger at” each other state chiefly Germany being the chief victim against four others. A newspaper by Colonel Dragutin Dimitrevic utilizing The Origins of the First World War ( Doc I ) Serbia is stating that the lone manner for Serbia to populate with awards is to hold a war with Austria. James Joll writer of The Origins of the First World War ( Doc L ) writes that Germany is seeking to spread out and distribute its power through Europe. Prince A. V.

Lvov writes the Russian National Anthem and James Thomson writes a verse form ( Doc H ) explain in Russian the people are heartening on their Tsar to populate with power and in Britain the people refuse to give up and go slaves to anyone and Britain shall remain governing. From Annika Mombauer in The Origins of the First World War ( Doc M ) Kaiser Wilhelm II will gives a address to promote the people of Austria to fall in them and to confront against England while General Von Moltke says that war is ineluctable and is the reply and wants to do the war to Russian more popular.

Besides on the map ( doc D ) the confederation of the states shows that each state was ready and standing by each other’s back to get down the war in 1914. The battle over settlements was a major factor for Germany to get down a war against England and France. A German Propaganda sketch ( Doc O ) shows us that England is the largest consumer of the full world’s resources from other states being called the “Bloodsucker of the World. ” On a map and from Colin Nicolson in The First World War ( Doc P ) it shows that England had the most settlements around the universe with 400 million people in the settlements. about 8 times every bit much as France.

While England had the most Germany had the 3rd most with approximately 12 million in the settlements ( Doc P ) . Norman Rich in The Age of Nationalism and Reform ( Doc Q ) states the settlements are the beginnings for natural stuffs for war itself. so the more settlements you owned the more natural stuff you would be able to hold. Outgo is a smaller factor in World War I. but is still a large factor because states have spent dozenss and dozenss of hard currency on fixing for war and to see their state prosper because you have to hold an ground forces to thrive ( Doc B ) .

James Joll explains is The Origins of the First World War ( Doc F ) in the Franco-Russian Treaty ( Doc E ) France has spent over a 4th of its foreign investings on Russian alone to assist Russia’s economic system. From The London Times History of the World ( Doc K ) all of the 6 states have spent good over 1000000s and 1000000s on their ground forcess and navy to fix them for war. Get downing from 1890 edifice to the start of the war in 1914 ( Doc K ) .

A image from Reynold’s Newspaper ( Doc N ) shows that more states have spent their money on war than anything else. World War I was started from many factors. but patriotism. battle over settlements and outgos on the war are the three that built up the most for the war to get down up and light the fires. A missing papers that would be helpful is a papers that shows settlements in the Americas and their paths to assist explicate how England and France were able to settle at that place while Germany was behind and wasn’t able to settle at that place.


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