What The Doctor Ordered Essay Research Paper

What The Doctor Ordered Essay, Research PaperWHAT THE DOCTOR ORDEREDLife is a rat race. In order to win, one is required to remain in the forepart of the battalion. To take a happy, loving life, nevertheless, one must halt and smell the roses so the meaningful qualities in life Don & # 8217 ; t base on balls you by. A premier illustration of a individual who overlooks this facet of life can be found in Mary Shelley & # 8217 ; s Frankenstein. Through Dr.

Frankenstein, Shelley warns readers of the effects of playing God and leting concern to take you off from the simple pleasances in life. As shown through him, excessively much cognition and finding may non be what the physician ordered.Frankenstein illustrates god-like features by making a life animal. As a male child he was & # 8220 ; profoundly smitten with the thirst for cognition & # 8221 ; ( 22 ) , and obtained an & # 8220 ; eager desire to larn & # 8221 ; ( 23 ) . This dedication and love for scientific discipline he pursued led him to hunger more and strive to travel one measure further than other scientists have in the yesteryear.

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Giving his life to larning the scientific disciplines of the human frame, Frankenstein became & # 8220 ; capable of confering life upon exanimate affair & # 8221 ; ( 37 ) , and recognizes the opportunity to go the male parent of a new type of species he can take recognition for. Ironically, Frankenstein & # 8217 ; s animal obtains the power to destruct his Godhead, along with all civilisation. If God, the individual perfect being, can non make perfect life, how could an imperfect individual perchance make it? Frankenstein is unmindful to the danger of his cognition and to the & # 8220 ; bastion of nature & # 8221 ; ( 25 ) he will come in by going aware of the & # 8220 ; secrets of Eden and Earth & # 8221 ; ( 23 ) . Frankenstein travels down a unsafe way when he goes every bit far as to play God by researching supernatural life and after his work is complete, he fearfully realizes that he non merely created a new life, but with that life, he brought a new signifier of immorality into the universe.During the two old ages Frankenstein worked on his creative activity he became wholly absorbed in his work which leads to pretermit towards himself, his household, and the beautiful scenes of nature he, in the yesteryear, took pleasance in. Once he dived headlong into his undertaking, he showed no marks of cominanogram up for air. Frankenstein puts his life on clasp and “seemed to hold lost all psyche or esthesis but for this one pursuit” ( 39 ) .

In fright of an unsuccessful result, he ruthlessly works twenty-four hours and dark seeking to finish his work. In the procedure, he “deprived [ himself ] of remainder and health” ( 42 ) and became pale and emaciated due to this lacking. Not merely did he pretermit his wellness, Frankenstein besides overlooked his loving household who began to worry about him.

Obviously “ [ he ] knew [ his ] silence disquieted them” ( 40 ) , but couldn’t tear himself off from his work long plenty to merely answer to their letters. Another pleasance Frankenstein tried to bury was the nature he had ever found comfort in. However, non even the “charms of nature” ( 40 ) could interrupt the force field insulating Frankenstein and his creative activity in the survey.

Once he realized all the pleasances he set aside due to the overpowering desire he beheld for his work, Frankenstein began doing alibis. He made himself believe that the passion and peace he felt towards his household and the beauties of nature stood as an obstruction in his way and would merely “disturb his tranquility” ( 40 ) . When you give up the things you love and the facets of life that have ever given pleasance to you, you risk losing them everlastingly. Frankenstein became so caught up in his work he missed out on two old ages of his life.

He ne’er visited his household and it wasn’t until after his work was done did he read a missive sent to him by Elizabeth updating him on everything that had gone on. After Frankenstein is cognizant of the monster he produced, he understands wholly he gave up and now regrets what he allowed his life to go.Geting caught up in the & # 8220 ; rat race & # 8221 ; led Dr. Victor Frankenstein to the awful destiny like had in shop for him. All excessively late, he realizes that a genuinely happy adult male ne’er losingss sight of the of import facets he beholds.

Besides, understanding & # 8220 ; how unsafe the skill of knowledge & # 8221 ; ( 38 ) is and how his desire to travel beyond the Torahs of nature led to the ruin of his life. It isn & # 8217 ; t until wretchedness and devastation claim his psyche does Frankenstein recognize the jobs he created by playing God and overlooking the simple pleasances in life.


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