What RH Bill is all about? Essay

The Reproductive Health bill, or popularly known as RH bill, is the Philippine Bill which aims to guarantee universal access to methods and information on birth control and maternal care. It is a way of helping people to be more advance, well prepared, and to widen up each and every individuals mind setting about our society now a days.There is this top agreement about its provisions on maternal and child health care, there is great debate on its proposal that taxpayer and the private sector will fund and undertake widespread distribution of family planning devices such as “brith control pills”(BCPs) and IUDs, and as the government continue campaigning to broadcast a good information and effect on its use through health care centers nationwide. Everyone has been talking about these RH bills, for some agreed and some don’t.I could say that in some part of each individuals, RH Bills may help and it may bring into some point also that it may trigger to do such thing that will ruin someone’s life.

But as the saying goes that “every little thing that is too much is not good. ” So, it depends on how we’re going to take it and treat it as long as we are only motivated to do good and focus only to what could bring us healthy and happy life then I think it will help. Our country is facing again a very serious issue which is the RH Bill that affects our moral values and its culture. This is really a serious issue and could really change our life as a Filipino.

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Most of us Filipinos are very naive about this and most probably has no idea of what possible effects that could destroy our true Filipino morality with the concern of reproduction and sex. And I strongly opposed this bill, and so with the few conservative Filipinos, but those whose minds were twisted by only on politics and business, they thought that reduce poverty through population control. If you are the kind of person who considered religion and morality as just few things that gives life, then for sure you didn’t value it and may be in of those western people that think science and are the solutions of poverty.But if you are the kind of person who valued Gods given system for life and its proper way of obtain a wonderful life now and in the future, then you may be affected a lot to that Reproductive Bill. For me, what is needed in the RH Bill is widespread information and dissemination of the various family planning methods and contraceptives that are available for couples. While the rich, educated couples understand the choices that they have, the poor folk – who comprise the majority – hardly have any knowledge on their options because they lack education.But, the lack of education is going to be another story or, on the contrary, the lack of education may be related to the passage of the RH Bill. I know that the poor comprise the majority of Filipinos.

Because they are poor, they necessarily lack education or have no education at all. Who, then, will teach and guide these people about their choices, especially in the number of children that they can have or are able to support? Again, because of a dearth of knowledge, these people simply just leave it to fate if it happens that the wife gets pregnant almost every year.The issue for me is not abortion at all. It is a totally different aspect of the entire discussion. The issue is giving the people a choice of whether they will adapt the family planning methods that have been suggested for them. It is for them to take it or leave it.

If the people so desire that they would choose from among the artificial family planning methods available, then it is their choice. The bottomline is that these information should be made available for everyone and explained to them, most especially those who have no capacity to learn and understand. These people are the ones most vulnerable.It is about time that family planning be included as part of the curriculum in schools and universities.

The inclusion of sex education has been practiced in the past, but was phased out because of some opposition. Let this be revived today because of the need of the youth to be informed about their rights as a human being. Parents should also help the schools in making their children understand the pitfalls of early marriage or teen pregnancy.

If the people are properly informed, then they would be able to make intelligent choices for their own betterment. In the process, they would be empowered. [


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