What re-holding the vote, arguing that the

What is Brexit?Brexit – this is ashort for British exit, literally translated as “British exit”. Theterm Brexit began to be called the campaign for Britain’s witdrawal from theEuropean Union. This initiative was supported by 17 million Britons. They allwantd to leave the EU. These results were enough for making a fateful decision.However, residents of London and Scotland voted against the exit from the EC,but their votes were too small.

 Now oponents of witdrawal from the EUinsist on re-holding the vote, arguing that the referendum must be heldaccording to the norms of the European Union. The petition has already crossedthe threshold of three million signatures, which means that the document willbe submitted for debate in the Parliament of Great Britain. Decision on themembership of the country in the European Union can be made only if the turnoutis at least 75%, and for one of the options will vote at least 60% of thepeople.  Why did Britain decide to leave the EU? The United Kingdom has always sought to maintain maximum independence in economic and political matters. This confirms the refusal to join the largest integration projects of the EU – to the euro area, as well as to the Schengen agreements that abolish visa control at common borders.

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In 2013, the United Kingdom did not sign the Budget Pact, which ordered a concerted fiscal and fiscal policy in the EU.In addition, in September 2015, the United Kingdom, at a meeting of the heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the European Union, urgently gathered because of the migration crisis in Europe, categorically refused to deploy migrants on its territory. They were only ready to receive refugees directly from the camps in Syria. And the euro currency set in the EU has not replaced the pound sterling.

For all this isolation, it is Britain that makes one of the largest contributions that ensures the existence of the European Union. At the moment, it is about 11 billion euros a year. Many residents of Britain have repeatedly stated that the EU is unreasonably expensive for taxpayers.

And therefore the kingdom needs to withdraw from the European Union, in most of which it does not participate.    TheTop players of BREXIT The NIGEL Farage slogan for 20 years was I WANT MYCOUNTRY BACK Now the UKIP leader has achieved his ultimate political ambition,seemingly against all the odds. And he has turned that epithet on himself -telling reporters that he is standing on the things he believe in.

The face of Euroscepticism in the UK for getting onfor two decades, Mr Farage helped turn UKIP from a fringe force to the thirdbiggest party in UK politics in terms of votes at the 2015 general election,and he helped persuade more than 17 million people to vote to leave the EU.Few politicians have been more closely identified withthe party they lead. Much of that success has been a product of Mr Farage’sstraight talking, everyman image, a picture editor’s dream when snappedgrinning with pint or cigarette (sometimes both) in hand.

His “man in the pub” image and disdain forpolitical correctness left him free to attack rivals for being mechanical andoverly on-message.This inspired affection and respect among those whoagreed with him on core messages about cutting immigration and leaving the EU.True to his image as an outspoken saloon barphilosopher, he got into plenty of fights.   What might be the impact of the market if Brexit occurs? Political risks are also likely to create high volatility and harsh pricing in many financial assets, especially in UK based assets.

In the negative scenario, the market expectation is in GBPUSD, especially in parentheses, and in the UK Stock Market, the FTSE100 index, in the form of severe depreciation. However, in this scenario, the assets that can stand out and perform relatively better include stocks of companies that are mainly export-oriented. ” If the referendum ends in the direction of staying in the EU, it is possible to talk about the possibility that the rallies will happen with the increase in the sterling parities, especially the in the pricing, and the risks in the UK Stock Market. Why is Brexit important? Among the world’s largest economies, the separation of the UK from the European Union is expressed by experts who will bring long-term serious consequences for the European Union and even bring the European Union to enormous uncertainty. Another important element of Brexit is that in the case of the UK departure from the EU, the other countries in the Union have to take an approach in this direction, which is a sensation among the markets. Brexit therefore pose a major threat to the sustainability of the European Union. Why did Britainenter the Brexit process? Beginning with theresumption of the economic gains achieved with the European Union, Brexit wasone of the promises of the British Prime Minister and the President of theConservative Party, David Cameron, in the last 2015 elections. Britain, one ofthe three leading nations of the European Union, put forward the disturbancesof sovereignty, economic management, competition and immigration in Brusselswith reform negotiations and suggested Brexit as a trump card if these issueswere not addressed.

 On the road to theBrexit process, the UK wants Europe to have different currencies instead ofbeing the only valid currency of euron. In addition to this desire, the UK,demanding that the European Union simplify its cash flow in order to increaseits competitiveness, demanded the removal of bureaucratic obstacles. As aresult of the negotiations, Cameron started campaigning against Brexit as aresult of the British partially obtaining what they wanted.What changed in governmentafter the referendum? Britain got a new Prime Minister – Theresa May. The former home secretarytook over from David Cameron, who announced he was resigning on the day he lostthe referendum. Like Mr Cameron, Mrs May was against Britain leaving the EU butshe played only a very low-key role in the campaign and was never seen as muchof an enthusiast for the EU. She became PM without facing a full Conservative leadershipcontest after her key rivals from what had been the Leave side pulled out. What does Britain expect if Brexit does not happen?The current account deficit has reached significant figures In the case ofBrexit not being realized in the UK, the 12 billion dollars that the EuropeanUnion is obliged to pay each year as member states will play an important rolein the further growth of the current account deficit.

It is also stated that ifthe UK economy grows faster than the European Union and Brexit takes place,more access to new trade areas will be achieved What do Britishpeople think about Brexit?Brexit is lookingtowards the polls, 43 percent of the British want to get out of the EuropeanUnion. 39 percent of the rest of the population is still burning, 18 percent ofthe people go undecided, the vote is determined to determine the cast of theundecided. How does Brexitaffect other member states?Germany is in the firstplace according to the total trade volume of the UK. After the United States,the member states come from the Netherlands, Belgium and France. After Brexit,the United Kingdom must re-trade agreements with member countries of theEuropean Union in order to sustain economic development. What will bethe sterility effects of Brexit? We can evaluatesterility effects of Brexit before and after Brexite. Experts say thatpre-Brexite prices may fluctuate sharply in parallel to changes in the market.According to MorganStenley’s prediction of the post-Brexit condition of sterling, about 2 percentin the first few months after June 23, and about 10 percent in the next 10years.

Credit Suisse predicts sterling will suffer sharp losses due to tightfiscal conditions, rising inflation and lower real wages after post-Brexit. S& P said that Brexit could pose significant risks to the UK’s currentaccount deficit, which could pose a threat to its global currency position.What will bethe free movement with Brexit? After Brexit, the factthat British citizens will be restricted from free movement is one of the mostcontroversial issues in the continuation of UK membership of the EuropeanUnion. Although immigration means the British government is uncomfortable, freemovement makes great contributions to the country. According to UnitedNations data, 5 million British citizens live in member states of the EuropeanUnion in 2015, while about 600,000 British citizens live in non-European Unioncountries.

 Will there benew breaks after Brexite? Nicola Sturgeon, leaderof the pro-European Scottish National Party (SNP) and the prime minister ofpro-European Scotland, will take up the idea of ??separating Britain fromBritain, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in the event that Britain breaksdown with the European Union on various platforms. Political experts sayScotland’s resumption of separation may resume pro-apartheid terrorist acts inIreland. In Ireland, the political wing of the separatist terroristorganization IRA gives Sinn Fein signals that they can resume their actions ifBrexit takes place. After the Brexit debatebegan, there were signs that especially the French people wanted to leave theEuropean Union.

In a poll conducted in France, 34 percent of the French opposethe membership of the European Union, while 66 percent favor the continuationof the membership. As a result; whether itis Brexit or Bremain, the European Union economy and the world economy arewaiting for tough times.


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